Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where Imaginations go to pLaY & cELeBrAtE Birthdays!

Sunday ~ a cELeBrAtIoN for Lindsey's Birthday as well as her 1st Wedding Anniversary that was back in July. Intended to be an anniversary gift but the timing more
appropriate for her bIrThDaY as we all had a super busy Summer.
Our iMaGiNaTiOnS finally... went to pLaY

The Varsity for lunch...
(never mind how many calories we packed in)
Chili Dogs, Onion rings & even a PC (chocolate milk) were part of the festivities.

Followed by an afternoon at the Georgia Aquarium
what fun!
It was Steven and Lindsey's first trip to the Aquarium so that was special.
So much to see, do and appreciate.
Even Deep-O's 3-D theatre was a blast ~ If the funky glasses weren't enough, the look on her face when we were sprayed with water or the shots of air
during the show surely brought laughs.
It's good to give your iMaGiNaTiOn a day of play ~ and this is certainly the place
to do just that!

September 15 ~ Lindsey's 26th Birthday!
It's been a joy to have her as a little girl, watch her grow intellectually, marry and now
be a focused yet fun loving, determined high school Spanish Teacher &
Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach! So very proud of our daughter.

Happiest of Birthdays Lindsey!
Hope that all your "wishes come true".
♥ Mom

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  1. Wow, what a great birthday celebration. One of my secret sins is the Varsity. Crazy about their french fries and onion rings. Best anywhere. The Aquarium...what can I say, one of my favorite places. Happy Birthday Lindsey.