Monday, September 20, 2010

Fresh New Looks by new Vintage Dealers at the Village. WELCOME

Fresh Vintage Looks from New Vintage Village Dealers

Lollygags ~ *to waste time in a pleasant idle way (indeed...!)

a peely chippy vintage corbel, old luggage & her dress form "Beatrix Dot"
amongst the vintage offerings found within the Lolly spot.

"Heir Apparent"

A warm cozy spot offering all things vintage ~ my favorites...
the old matchbooks, vintage license plates, charming old travel postcards.
The perfect spot to mill about ~ you wouldn't want to miss any of these charming offerings.

"Esther Polyester"
Why wear something New ~ when you could wear something Vintage?
Retro clothing is only a smattering of all things 70's. Owls & mushrooms can always
be found in Esther's.

Fresh Vintage Ephemera Counter by Kris ~
Old tags, charming old papers, puzzles, books & even vintage decals.
Be sure to take time to look at everything ~ you'll want it all.

In usual Vintage Village fashion ~ seasonal decor is always a must.
We have serious autumn fever and you'll have a bad case of the "I wants..."

Too Sweet hAlLoWeEn mask ~ are you the wise old owl or darling black scaredy cat?

If you must pay bills and do paperwork
a pretty desk to write on is a must~!

yUmMy old dough bowl is the perfect fall addition ~ so many choices for filling

Fancy gold tinsel trees with handmade clock ornaments

Even a chair that might bring back memories of Grandma's.
Autumn is such a glorious time!
Welcome to these talented ladies & the fresh vintage looks they add to
our already fAbUlOuS big picture.
gRaTeFuLlY~ ♥ one vintage hag

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