Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh "Little Monkey" Photo's Sebastians Coloring Contest

The first two entries were received yesterday in
Sebastian's Birthday Coloring Contest
(so, exciting... I can't wait to show him)
We've decided to have not only a "little winner" but a "big girl winner" too!
Submit those puppy pictures (you can print from here the picture below) colored, embellished, wonderful & fabulous no later than October 15 ~ Judging will be by Vintage Village Dealers with winners selected & shipped an age appropriate
hAlLoWeEn goodie box in time for your frightful festivities.

We're just practicing with this Goodies Bucket for Lindsey (shhhh!!!)
She'll be getting this one tonight when I go see her Varsity Volleyball team in action.

While the camera was handy a few fresh puppy shots.
Sebastian, the ever curious 4 legged Son doing something super strange with his ears.
Normally, floppy ~ guess he has some ideas of his own in mind for the upcoming holiday photos. What a treat that promises to be with two this year!

Sadie "Monkey" is the hardest little thing ever to photograph.
Cutie pa-tootie but all her pictures look like little black blobs.

Yep, she's changing colors. Lighter whiskers & eye brows still sun kissed deep mahogany highlights on her back with touches of deep silver on the backs of her little legs
and shes losing those puppy curls.
Wonder what she will look like when she's a big girl?
Still a pip-squeak I'm certain.

"Best Buds"
Yet, night & day ~ not just in color.
He's neat, she's messy.
He's a grown up, she's a baby.
He's serious and distinguished, she's ditsy & acts like a blond.
He's outgoing, she's somewhat shy.
They are both a hoot & constant source of laughter!

Awaiting, Sadie's next Big Adventure her approach to every moment of every day!
Aren't puppies fun?
Hope you'll be working on your coloring today ~ enter Sebastian's contest
that's fun too!
♥ one vintage hag

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