Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mitzi's Giveaway ~ It's a Fabulous one

Mitzi's Collectibles Giveaway
If you like Vintage Photographs, Flower Seeds, Old Sewing Machine Drawers, Antique Buttons,
Stunning Yo yo quilt pieces you've stopped by on a great day.
One of my new favorite blogs is having a must have giveaway.

Stop by and visit with Mitzi (she has Westie's) then register for her giveaway
by leaving your comment on this post.

Wouldn't this be a fun package to find in your mailbox.
♥, one vintage hag

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Turtle Village at my friend Lee's

It's a Turtle Village
So often I blog about Vintage Village, not today ~ It's Lee's Turtle Village.
My friend Lee is one of the many talented dealers at Vintage Village ~
With the help of her lovely children they've redone the Turtle Village in her yard this Spring.
3-D now has a fancy village indeed. A Waterfall ~ Lettuce varieties to munch on ~ Places to hide ~ What more could a cute little turtle want?
I always love seeing what friends do creative in their yards each Spring.
Lee has outdone herself with the Turtle Village.

We've had some fun planting (even a vegetable garden again this year)
& getting our patio spot pretty again this Spring.
Pretty weather inspires the creativity in each of us.
What projects have you been working on?
♥, one vintage hag

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Blog Makeover & Our Newest Addition ♥

A Little Blog Makeover...
It's Springtime so I had a few minutes this morning to make some changes
to this little blog... Do you like?
Peaceful Polka Dots ~ Soothing Colors.
Just what I needed.
Wednesday before last I was working on the dreaded paperwork and wrapping up
taxes (necessary evil) and David had the day off so he was running errands. After
being gone for several hours he called to say "be ready in 20 minutes, I'm on my way to pick you up"... sure, my immediate thought was what is he up to? He did just that and Sebastian, our little white guy went with us. Driving in the direction of my Mom's I noticed and commented ~ he replied, yes, she's going too. Once at her house everyone got out of the Yukon, Sebastian too and went around back to see Nannie sitting on the porch. Sebastian was already enjoying his romp in her big backyard when I rounded the corner on the way to her screen porch. Nannie wasn't by herself on the porch ~ this darling little black miniature schnauzer was watching with delight her little nub wiggling away. Standing there stunned for several minutes David finally said "Happy Birthday a little early". My birthday isn't until the end of April and it was still March. Oh, my goodness ~ a little princess for my birthday. Needing a name so she could be called something other than puppy ~ I tossed around a few cute names like "Cricket", "Sophie", and then "Sadie" she turned her head sideways looking at me when "Sadie" was said so there you have it.
"Sadie" Belle ~ our newest addition
a sweet talented friend from Vintage Village, Lisa made the cutest video of Sadie on a
recent visit to the shop. (Of course, she goes to work with me sometimes.)
Thanks a Million Lisa ~ we have enjoyed her video so much.
I've never uploaded a video on blogger so I sure hope it works.

Sadie was the runt of her litter so she has tiny features ~ she weighs 5 pounds, 14 ounces. Will probably be 10-12 pounds when she's grown. Is feisty as can be, so sassy & energetic. She is getting along well with Big Brother, Sebastian although I think he was pretty convinced she was just visiting for a little while. I must say the Best Birthday Gift ever... David is the greatest.

I look forward to having some free moments to catch up on the blog & see what all of you are doing in this beautiful weather.

Until next time...

♥ ~one vintage hag

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter to all of you.
It's been a busy time around this hag's home ~ with little time left for any
of those things we enjoy so much (this little blog).
Hopeful in the weeks ahead I can share some of the goings on
and have the time to visit your blogs.
Easter Blessings~!
~one vintage hag