Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meet our friends at "The Hamrick House"

Located directly behind Vintage Village in the little cottage you'll find

"The Hamrick House"

Open Thursdays & Fridays 10:30-5:30

(and special event times at the Village)

Mr. and Mrs. Hamrick might be familiar faces if you have been in the area for any length of time. Why, Mr. Hamrick was my 7th grade teacher and he hasn't changed a bit!

Both retired educators they have always collected fabulous finds both vintage and charming new treasures and after years of storage decided to offer up some prized possessions in
"The Hamrick House".

Still dedicated to our youth, still substitute teaching you might also run into either Mr. or Mrs. Hamrick at one of our local schools. They are the sweetest people ever!

Mr. Hamrick will tell you that it's the "Mrs." that has the flare for decorating. If he adds fresh treasures in her absence and has to move anything he does his best to "put things back just like she had them". Everything is so pretty, displayed to the T yet offering such a relaxed comfortable feeling. Makes you feel right at home!

Offering a darling assortment of seasonal decor in this charming little building they have done so much work on really puts you in the mood for the upcoming holidays. Instant inspiration we call it. I can hardly wait to see the Christmas finds.

Who doesn't need a charming old primitive cupboard for all seasons?

There are several pieces out back that would be perfect additions for the busy

entertaining holidays.

Go when you have some time to reminisce... there are plentiful stories of days gone by, tales of how they purchased many of these old pieces and if you're lucky you'll get to hear about some of the children they taught over the years. Not all are true by any means... Mr. Hamrick might just tarnish the "Hags" reputation telling stories of "sweetness". Don't believe those, he is simply being nice in an exaggerated sorta way (ha...).

We're delighted to have these lovely folks in the cottage out back ~ you'll love visiting with them so make plans to stop by the Village on a Thursday or Friday and make sure you save some time for a trip to

"The Hamrick House".

Happy Autumn,

♥ one vintage hag

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pumpkins, Witches & Bats... just a few of our favorites for fall!

What's not to love about Fall?

What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

We have many... Why, Pumpkins, Witches & Bats of course!


Fun little punkins' by the bowl full.
Begs for a favored Pumpkin Bread Recipe ~ I've already made a batch to share.
Don't forget the apple cider ~
ghost & spiders!

A batch of Spooky Poison Punch... wicked sorts of Potions for your the ghouls!


Or, I wonder if this is what a "hag" looks like when she grows up?

Gosh, I hope not...

No matter what fascinating fall fun... we're ready for a frightfully frosted fall ♥!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Village ~ this weekend we'll be taking advantage of cooler fall weather for a sale on our asphalt out front.

Saturday, September 24 starting at 9 a.m.

Stop by for a fun filled visit!

♥ one vintage hag

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"It's about Time" ...

"It's about time"...
Doesn't seem possible that it's really been 9 months.
Today's list included an updated fresh blog!
We are back in the swing - loving life - counting our blessings and happy to be back blogging.
Countless hospital stays, sick family members, doctor visits, treatments later finally a new blog post.

"Time" to catch up!

Just in "time" to enjoy these beautiful days with Fall on the horizon. Lots going on in our area in the coming months. Are you planning on going to the Country Living Fair here in Atlanta in October? We're excited to have that chance again and to see all those that visited with us at Vintage Village last year during the fair. Thrilled to get a chance to shop some local favorites & those dealers that travel from miles away ~ can't wait!

Speaking of the Village we are ghouly eerie with Halloween wares these days.

Spiders, witches & cats... oh, my!

Both vintage and new items are leaving as fast as they arrive.
We're getting accustomed to our new shop hours Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

giving our dealers a much needed day to refresh, refill, replenish.

Fresh fall finds including Quad Plate ~ Darling Old Trunks ~ Beautiful Vintage Chandeliers & Lamps ~ Wonderful Architectural Pieces ~ Charming Old China ~ Vintage Children's Halloween Costumes. With the current lineup of 41 talented, creative, hardworking dealers there is always something fresh arriving at the Village.

We're thrilled to WELCOME Thelma & Louise!
You'll love the mix of wares in their spacious spot.
Packed floor to ceiling with charm.

Excited to have "Suzanne's Spangled Sampler" back in our dealer mix at the Village.
She's been busy sewing and has a vast collection of handmade quilts, primitives & seasonal loves.

We've also welcomed new dealers "Sweet Tea Treasures", "Aunt T's", "Rare" over the past several months. Gearing up for a busy fall and holiday season ~ we're filled to the brim!

If your calendar is handy make a note that this year's
Hag's Holiday Open House will be November 16-19.
November 16 & 17 we'll be closed until
6 p.m. when we open for magical shopping by candlelight until 10 p.m.

Vintage Tea Leaf Dishes (a recent hag score at a favorite "honey hole") is one of my all
time favorite finds. Perfect for this time of year!

"Sadie" could get used to days spent with Mom at home, there certainly hasn't been many of those lately.

Much to do but loving every second!

Perhaps, when today's list is complete there will be some time to cuddle up on the couch with "Sadie Belle" to dive into the new issue of FLEA MARKET STYLE (It's a good one... our friends Danielle Polshak, Antiques in Olde Town, Artsy Fartsy Finds blog are all in this one. There might be more familiar faces, I haven't finished looking).

until then,
♥ one vintage hag