Monday, February 9, 2009

Gold Buy ~ Special Event at Vintage Village ~ Thursday Feb. 12

Special Event at the "Village: this week. One of our Valued Customers Husband will be buying Gold, 14k or above, Platinum, Sterling Silver & Old Coins on Thursday, February 12 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (he will be there until the last seller is finished) ~ CASH on the spot. Good way to turn broken gold or silver chains, single earrings or anything that you don't wear any longer into cash. I have Lindsey's wedding coming up this summer, with cabins to rent & cakes & cookies to pay for, So, I will be selling all that I have dug around to find. Amazing, how many single earrings I had - and a couple knotted up gold chains that would take me years to untangle. I was given a 1944 quarter with some change on Saturday so I think I will take that, its silver.
Come Sell on Thursday ~ Refreshments served (there from Chick-Fil-A, where Clayton works) yummy and actually pretty good for you~ and of course, you can shop while you are there, New Vintage Treasures arrive daily.
This is going to be a busy busy week, I'm in the shop most afternoons and a couple full days towards the end of the week. I have some Pretty Vintage China to add ~ it looks like Spring. Some Valentines Packages to get in the mail for my Special Folks & the Gold Buy, Thursday. Then, can't wait to share what I'm making for our Valentines Dessert~ new recipe but it looks amazing. I will take pictures along the "bake" and share the recipe with you later in the week. I've been working on my "playlist" - think I finally have it like I want it. Now, if I can only master pictures, I'll really like this blog. I am however, happy to have this avenue to share "stuff" that means a great deal to me with all of you. Still have some features rolling around in my mind on Our Wonderful Children, My Amazing Husband, My Wonderful Partner & Dear Friend & the "Village" ~ Hag 2 ~Linda, Many more Fabulous "Village" Dealers ~ so stay tuned. Some of those will be my featured blogs this week, with beautiful pictures, I promise~!
Wishing you a Wonderful Week~!
~one vintage hag

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