Monday, February 16, 2009

Here comes the "Bride" ~ almost, got lots of details planned, had a Great Day with Lindsey & Nannie in the Mountains....

"Treat a person as she is, and she will remain as she is. Treat her as he could be, and she will become what she should be."

This quote couldn't be more true about our Wonderful Daughter, Lindsey ~ The "Bride to Be".

~Quite the enjoyable, productive day with Lindsey & Nannie ~ full to the brim with laughter and memories..., we are a "mess" together~! ~ The Trio got lots planned ~ including our cabins selected and reserved ~ Rehersal Dinner "tasting" ~"yum" , dessert later in Helen & drinks drinks drinks ~ so, potty potty potty ~all day~!~ and, the Wedding Flowers ~ Oh, my gosh....incredible and smell de~lish~! Not to give too much away but... ~ Beautiful White Lilly's, Wonderful Orchids (prettiest ever... & Roses, of course (the sweetest ever) & little wax flowers & hemlock.... ~ oh, lala.... And, the flowers to the "Mom's" ~ I aDoRe ~! Yes, Lindsey, even if I didn't get my "pick"~!

Pretty Pretty Stuff for Our Beautiful "Bride-to-Be" all set to a Marvelous Blairsville, Georgia Mountain Backdrop.... sPlEnDiD ~!
We're almost ready....... July 11 will be here before we blink.....
It's going to be Beautiful, of course...
Fun day ~ Thanks for including us, Lindsey~
Love You~ ~ one vintage hag

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