Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Special Guest @ The Village Today, Burning the Midnight Oil...

So, this week ~ there aren't enough hours in the day, I'm burning the midnight oil.

We had a Special Shopper today at the "Village" ~ Nancy "Sassy Trash" ~ delighted to meet her. She got some Super Vintage Finds. I loved everything she bought. Quick shopping, she had to be at an appointment but we loaded her up and got her out quickly....Thanks for your Patronage ~ "Sassy Trash" ~ We hope to see you again real soon. We love our Valued Customers that appreciate the time, energy & reasonable prices we offer at the "Village" ~ not just your every day run of the mill store, for sure!

I can't wait to visit Lakewood 400 ~I have heard from many that it's become an Awesome Vintage Treasure Destination. "Sassy Trash" & "The Painted Fern" & Theresa's ("Time Worn Interiors") friends the "Chippy's" - sounds like a place I need to shop! Theresa ~ I wish you and Craig would come back too ~ then I would hit the "jackpot" for sure. I love Time Worn Interiors new Monday Feature on the blog. Loved the picture and reading your tribute. I will work on getting a group together to come shop really soon with all the Great Dealers there.

Sleep now, morning comes early & another busy busy day. Paperwork, Hair Colored to cover my "grey", errands to be ready for the "Gold Buy" event, order something special for my "baby" as part of his valentine's & work at the shop from 2~6.
Then, maybe if I have any energy left I can read some blogs...... everlasting inspiration~!
~til tomorrow ~one vintage hag

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