Thursday, February 26, 2009

More paperwork ~ Upcoming Events at the "village" ~Asp ~ Pam "Happy Birthday" & a comment from "Tlw" ~ Excited.

Oh, happy day.... Ella & Asp ~ Pam has a birthday today ~ Wishing you all the
best on your birthday and the years to come. Relatively new to the "village" but a "keeper" &
a "sweetie" ~ I love working with Pam ~ so energetic and enthusiastic, bet you didn't know you would have this much fun after retiring from "delta" ~ hope you stay with us forever ~
Happy Happy Birthday Pam ~ maybe tomorrow at work "we'll have a strawberry shortcake & coffee ~ our treat for your birthday cake".
Love, ~ hag

"LBI" has some really cool vintage Easter postcards ~ even some "tucks" that just came in the "village". She always has great "seasonal goodies" ~ Had to get a couple old Easter postcards on Tuesday ~ yes, more purchases. Hope David isn't peaking in today ~ cause he will tell you "I don't need one more thing at home....". Oh, well.
~later on I'll show you what else I got, ha.
Yes, Lindsey wedding is coming up ~ got some neat supplies and a really cool "book" at the "village" ~ has some great things for everyday - not just weddings so It's a keeper. Yes, beautiful vintage lace, paper products for a "shower" ~ all from the "village". We have a bit of everything. Part of my "Tuesday" purchases....

have you heard of "Matilda Jane" ? - really super cute comfy clothes, for ladies too. "trunk show" with their new spring line in one of "my spots" at the "village" ~ March 9 from 10 a.m~1 p.m ~ I will have some 'freshments to share, come shop at the "village" and see "Matilda Jane", something I wanted to share with all of you ~ I will be ordering some for myself for sure~!

Getting ready for Our "Evening Gold Buy Event" at the "Village" ~ Join us, sell your 10k gold or above, sterling silver, platinum or old coins. March 16 from 6:30~9:00 p.m. ~
yummy refreshments served.
Everyone "welcome" ~!
Vintage Village
2229 Scenic Hwy Snellville, Georgia, 30078
questions call us 770.978.0013

So far, so good on one of my "resolutions" ~ I have been eating a healthy breakfast so far this year ~ trouble is, I'm not usually hungry in the early morning, but today ~ I slept in a bit til about 8:00 so I've now eaten my "special k".

In, the meantime.... when you must do "paperwork" hrrrr....
eat "Easter Kisses" ~ they are good medicine.
Now, Must tell you I'm excited that "tlw" posted a comment ~ She is learning on the "computer" my friend who does such a "beautiful" traditional spot at the "village" ~ who keeps her grandbabies every day~! So, there is little time for posting comments but I'm glad I got one. Thank you, Jeanine.
think I'll put a "brisket" in for dinner, sounds good.
then more "paperwork" & today some errands, I need some time away from these numbers... not often that I take two days in a row off.
~one vintage hag

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  1. Happy Birthday, Pam. Glad to have you with us at The Village.
    Debbie...why do you think I love my chocolate so much!? This full-time accounting job REQUIRES chocolate to endure so I can get to my FUN job workin' & junkin' with the Village!! It's no wonder you needed those kisses to get through your taxes!! Enjoy with no guilt!! Have a great one!! ..Susan..