Friday, February 13, 2009

Exciting "Gold Buy" another date to sell ~ I Love My Work..... Valentines Tomorrow~!

"Shoot for the stars. You may not get the stars--but you may get the moon."

"If you want to accomplish anything in life, you can't just sit back and hope it will happen. You've got to make it happen."

Loving Quotes like these, and "I do make it happen"...~ Ask the girls, I get pretty "order-ey"
especially during an event, if I said "Carla" yesterday once, I said it 1000 times. She was my back board yesterday, Carla ~ Thank you! Thanks also to ~ Connie, Lisa B., Jill, Lee, Lonnie, Rachel ~ and anyone I have forgotten, long busy week ~ so, by now "I'm wiped" with 2 full days to go this week.

The "Gold Buy" Event was AWESOME, Great Food, Great Money, Thrilled Valued Customers (our "Greatest Asset") ~ Got to visit with several ~ including Kathy (
Always great to see her and she gives me Great Blog sites to visit ~what a great gift everytime, Thank you, Kathy~! She always picks out cute cute stuff, just like her and I see what she creates with it later on her blog.

Our next "GOLD BUY EVENT" will be an evening one, with the same company ~ Thanks for all your request ~ this one will be for those Valued Customers that "Work Outside their Homes" ~ as always ANY & ALL WELCOME ~

March 16 ~ 6:30~9:00 p.m. (or when the last seller finishes)

We have done so many special busy events in our almost 12 years at the "vIlLaGe" that we have it down to a science ~ very organized, not much wait and always lots of FUN. Great Day at the Village ~ Thanks to all of you!

I have a new "follower" ~ funny how this gets so exciting ~ "bwhimsy" ~ Not sure where I'm headed but follow on....... it will be someplace amazing~! You know what I say "Lead ~ Follow ~or, Get out of the way" ~Now, still awaiting more "Village" Blogs ~ we truly have some of the most talented dealers around (come see for yourself) ~
"Lets Go, Chicks...."

Special Blog about My Special "Fella", tomorrow ~ can't wait.
Happy Almost Valentine's Day~!
~one vintage hag


  1. Okay, so you are always bragging about your dealers and how talented they are but did you realize how proud we are of you? I have been with VV for 11 years and I must say I have learned sooo much from you. I want to brag about you and let the blog followers know that I probably wouldn't have lasted at the Village if it wasn't for the friendship we have. You give your all to the shop and to the dealers that work there. The shop is one of the best around and has some of the most talented dealers. WHY????? We all know why. Debbie it's because of the way you handle the shop and the love of the business you have. I am so proud to be a Vintage Village dealer and plan on being around another 11 years. (Like it or not) Love ya Whimsy

  2. Wow, Whimsy, that made my day.
    I hope we grow old together with the
    "others..." at the shop.
    Love U too ~ hag