Friday, February 6, 2009

Who knew..... Gold Buy Event at the Village... Some Exciting Stuff...

So, Who Knew........ That I would enjoy this "blogging" (which is a word that comes up misspelled) so very much. A way to share a bit and stay in touch with friends everywhere. So far, they all like what I have to say, yea!

~Was Excited to hear from Theresa (Time Worn Interiors) ~ hope that means she is back online and very warm after her 5 days without electric. She has the Best Stuff! And, we miss them terribly at the original Big Lakewood Antique Market.
~Also heard from Rachel, what a delight, will have to tell you more about her later. She likes the "blog". Hope she had a wonderful birthday.
~Now, I told you about Lisa last night - here's the comment she left on the post. So very Lisa like...~"but you know that all the other dealers who know me are thinking "she ain't all that." Hey Lisa, I'm excited that Steven got a job with Clayton ~ he is too. Tell him Congrats, I heard they ordered his official shirt.
Let me assure you, my post was the absolute truth and all the dealers at our shop that know her will tell you its true. She is simply our "genuine friend" that makes us all laugh, fight for her to work when we do and so on.
A New Exciting Event at Vintage Village ~ Thursday, February 12 from 11 a.m ~ 1 p.m. (he will stay longer if necessary) ~ we have a jewelry professional coming in for a buy ~CASH ON THE SPOT ~ 14K Gold, Platinum, Silver (sterling) and Old Coins. Short notice for this event~ I know, but we are using a spot in the shop that Lynn & Jimmy (you're gonna love their stuff) are moving into the weekend of the 13th - we don't usually have a nice size space open so had to take advantage of it while we could. Thanks Carla, for helping me plan this ~ another cute cute dealer. Refreshments will be served, we are having trays from Chick-fil-a ~ where Clayton works - so something good for you. With their lemonade (its great) and sweet & unsweet tea.
Haven't done anything like this before but it should be exciting. I'm digging through my tangled up gold chains to come up with something that weighs a good amount. I like Sterling more now so I'll turn those items I don't wear into some "junkin" cash. Anyone and Everyone is invited so if you live close by ~ join us. We'll advertise on our website and customers that I have emails for will get an invitation. Come by and say "hey" to ~one vintage hag ~ if you are lucky the "better ~hag" my partner might stop by for a visit so you could meet her.

Now, off to the shop to work with Becky, Lonnie & Shirley ~ I love Fridays! And, yes as promised I'm taking the camera ~ wish me luck! I think the big problem will be editing photos for the web.

chat soon ~ one vintage hag

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