Thursday, February 19, 2009

OMG ~ "Mary Kay Andrews" Posted a Comment on my little "blog" ~ I'm floored beyond belief ~ Honored. She is the BEST Author~!


My 2nd favorite book ~EVER~!

So, after a very trying afternoon (which I will tell you all about later on....), I came home to make some notes on tomorrows Appointments and brought up my new "baby blog" to listen to some of my favorite tunes ~ while I wrote notes......
Noticed right away that I had a couple comments on my "Gone to the Dogs" Post ~ one from My Friend, Theresa (Time Worn Interiors) ~ mailed her a little birthday box that she received and likes... so, I smiled.
The next comment was from ~
~ Oh, My Gosh!
My Favorite Author ~wrote on a comment on this trivial little blog of MINE.... I'm floored, astonished beyond belief. Have you read her books? ~ do you know about "Weezie" ~ they are just like this little life of mine ~ an Antique Shop Owner ~ in search of Treasures.... Trying to make your little Antique Store in Snellville, Georgia a tremendous success (hers was in Savannah, but its close...) ~ your dealers deserve all that and more. And, its about Estate Sales ~ hitting the "mother load" & Majolica Oyster Plates to boot........~!
I'm thrilled beyond belief ~!
If you haven't read these books & then "Blue Christmas" ~ go to the bookstore and buy all three ~ read them in order ~ over and over again, I adore these books~!
They will be worth "every cent" ~ Trust Me.
New found inspiration in her books ~
for your search for the "pot of gold" at the end of our rainbow....
"Mary Kay Andrews" ~ Kudos to you, I adore your Work.
Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your comment ~
It is truly a "dumbfounded experience" for me.
WOW ~ I'm in Shock~! I read the comment over and over, and kept looking at the comment for several minutes... duh~!
Who knew, she reads "blogs" too, I knew I liked her.... Would LOVE to go on one of the Savannah Weekends they host ~ will start "saving my monies" for that trip~!
This is an incredibly thrilled....
~one vintage hag


  1. WOW!!!I'm excited and it's not even my blog. You never know who reads these things. Her books are great everyone needs to read them. I would say thats an Honor!!!!

  2. Your use of bold font is impressive, that was probably just teasing. You should ask if she would donate a couple of autographed books for you to have a blog giveaway. I bet she'd do that in a heartbeat for a good fan like you.

  3. Girlfriend is gonna be a famous blogger! I will be able to say "I been knowin' her for a long time..."
    Congrats on the famous author comment!
    Thanks for the posted pic. also!

  4. Lisa,
    You are so "dang" funny, I cleaned that up just for you. You know I turned you on to "Mary Kay Andrews" so read on my friend. Deep Dish was good, but I'm hoping for some more "Weezie" ~ and her "majolica oyster plates" - you would "die" if you ran up on that. Glad you are my "friend" ~ keep thinkin' I'm gonna be famous, every chance you get.