Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm learning ~ So what do you think of my blog changes?

Learning a little more each day.... So, what do you think of my blog changes?

We had a really busy day at the Village yesterday, Lindsey surprised me with a visit to the shop and stayed the afternoon & then for dinner with David, Nannie & I. Had a great time working Saturday with Kris, SW, Mary & Elizabeth. Great day with lots of treasures headed out the door of our shop to new homes. So, no time to blog when I got home.

I set aside a little time this morning for blog changes -especially wanted a new background
and thought I might try to "grab a few buttons" - not sure if I know how to do all this but I'm
sure up for the challenge.

Well, I have results - what do you think? New Blog Background - looks more like me?
New little "Happy Valentines" button - how cute, hu? Can't take the credit though - its as
easy as copy paste press the save button so I'm more sure of myself making these changes now.
You can get some super cute backgrounds, buttons, glitter for your blog at - there are really some super cute ones to add.

Happy Sunday!

My day off - super productive so far ~ later, hanging out with my "boys" - maybe a movie at home and dinner later.


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  1. Hello Debbie: So glad you found your voice in this techi-medium called a blog. By the way, I love the new background, it's fresh, it's kicky, it' you! I look forward to all that you have to share with us. Blog-on. Dari aka I Need This, Antiques