Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, Valentines Month ~ Working at the Village today......

Realizing that I really haven't told you much about Vintage Village I thought since I will be working all day today at the shop you might want to know a little more about us.

Linda and I opened Vintage Village ~ April 28, 1997 so we will celebrate our 12th birthday in late April. Its easy to remember that date, as April 28 is my birthday as well - and Becky & Terri's too. Our shop is in a two story brick building, one of the oldest buildings left in Snellville. Formerly a bank, then a masonic lodge its now home to "the coziest shop in the area". We are Open 7 days a week - always have been, hope we always will be. Monday ~ Saturday 10~6 and Sundays 1~5.

Our address if you would like to come for a visit:

2229 Scenic Hwy.
Snellville, Georgia 30078


Vintage Village is home to over 40 talented in all different ways - dealers. Haven't counted for an exact total lately, so I will do that at some point. I hope that with this blog you will have the opportunity to meet these wonderful Ladies & Gentlemen (Paul, Jimmy & David... didn't forget you!). We are like a family - "where cottage meets chic, and new friendships
are born ~". Everyday is different but everyday is the same. We all have a great respect for one another, a genuine conern for each other, we all help each other, we laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we rejoice - All these in any given day.

Today is a Monday ~ and after 11 + years you sort of know what to expect. I do the work schedule the 10th of the month prior ~ (since all our dealers share in work time ~ and all get paid each day) - today I'm working with Betty (our doll expert, and one of the sweetest gals you'll meet), Marilyn (Our "Mom" - who watches our for all of us, cooks the best brownies ever ~ carries an assortment of wares in her window spot) & Nancy (the school administrator that has a booth right up front that is full of wonderful treasures - Nancy is in another shop too). We can expect some dealer traffic, they come shop with us since our prices are very reasonable and they can surely resell any treasure they buy at Vintage Village. We can expect lots of "Mom's" today - they say we might get some bad weather later in the week so they will want to get there "fix" before stocking up on groceries (a southern thing, when snow is predicted - we wipe the grocey store shelves clean) ~ I can expect that both Betty & Marilyn & myself will all bring their lunch, Nancy will bring her diet coke w/ lime ~ and the mood of the shop will be warm & friendly, just like all these ladies.

Our goals for today, just like everyday is 4 digits before the dot, lots of satisfied customers & sales for everybody. We use "no sale" slips each day for dealers that don't have a sale and none of us like getting those. It's chilly today so why not shop for some treasures, I sure will while I'm at the "village" today. Funny how taking home something pretty makes you feel so good.

The pictures are some from the shop - but it changes daily so they could all be different by the time I get there this morning.... gotta get ready, have to be at the Village by 9:30 -

Have a Super Monday!
~one vintage hag

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  1. How fungettin gto hear from you -- MY fav shop !! Kathy - ga