Saturday, February 28, 2009

"still, Raining..." Snow is on the way.... " ~ "Sand Castles" for day dreaming..

happy birthday "girly" ~ Theresa, (Time Worn Interiors) - she is in Iowa on her birthday having a blast at the "Pink Chateau".... have a great one~!
My "blog" picture for this rainy morning ~
poor little "wiener dog" ~ has to wear a slicker like that to do his business ~ bet he has "galoshes to match" ....that would be a great way to keep your "feet dry".

for today, I have something new and very interesting to share. Until we get snow..... tomorrow, brr~! (i'm sorta hoping the weather man has that wrong again.., I'd rather have a snow day during the week - a "bonus" day with David to build a "mini snowman" - we live in Georgia ~ usually we get "dusts" of snow...). My friend & "village" antique dealer ~ Lisa sent me a complete email of all the 2009 Oregon Sand Castle Competition. I was amazed at what can be done with sand, and the detail of each and every entry - makes me want to go to the beach and see if I could cast a "junk truck" packed to the gills with treasures....Those are just some of the pictures above. Cool, really~!.
If you'd like to see the whole email,
I'm happy to forward to you - just need your email address.
still raining in Georgia ~ "shabby in the city" commented that one "blogger" hated getting her socks wet when she walked her "puppy" ~ guess she will need some galoshes..... I have a darling "puppy" ~ you've met "Sebastian" ~ I "never" get my socks wet when walking him, you avoid the "puddles" in that situation ~ so as to keep the little "dog" as dry as you can. You know "our brat" gets dried off when he comes in if its been raining - he will stand "shivering" with a pitiful look if you aren't quick enough with the big shower towel to wrap him up ~ gets better... most of the time, he likes his "whiskers" - you know they are bushy - he's a schnauzer ~ dried after he gets a "drink" -
you know he hates to look soggy... always intends to be handsome.
Don't we all?
For today, a "remarkable crew" for a busy rainy Saturday... they are the best, offering up traffic and lots of sales... the "tlw's" (said she might bring some potato soup, yum..), "sam", "fox" and this "hag". Come see us, we'll be ready for you ~ "great load your truck" crew today ~ I know already to expect "laughter", "hold me comments", great "eats" ~ and rainy days usually bring out our "valued asset" our customer to spend some money with something "pretty to look at" when it snows...
I'm sure you have been told this many times, but here in the "south" ~ yes, today's forecast will send everyone around to the "grocery store", shelves will be bare by late today - everyone buys "milk, bread and a paper"... think they eat "paper" sandwiches? Actually, they will buy anything that is left on the shelves.... funny stuff...For us, if we wake to snow on Sunday, a big pot of soup on the stove (in really bad weather and no power, I've cooked on the gas grill...) ~ whatever the "fridge" has to offer up... and some cornbread for "supper".
where ever you are today in what ever weather ~ happy will be what you "make it".
~one vintage hag

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