Thursday, February 19, 2009

Okay, so have you ever shared what “bugs” you? ~ This is my list.

Lisa's "outstanding" booth at the "village" ~ bit late in sharing, but her Valentines
"splash" was the best....

“Do not think of your fault; still less of others' faults. Look for what is good and strong and try to imitate it. Your faults will drop off like dead leaves when their time comes.”

My list to share should be a help to those dealers who might think you "I can not be pleased…."Actually, I’m really easy to please"
If you follow these important “bugs me” on my quite short list ~ I will
Always “love” you….

1. "Puddles" ~ Ask Lindsey or Clayton, I hate “puddles” on the counter or anywhere for that matter, use a coaster or a glass that doesn’t sweat.
2. "Fingerprints on Glass" ~ Cute when they are little ones hands but after that they are a distraction. That goes for the doors & counters at the “village” ~ I use lots of “Windex”.
3. Full trashcans ~ they are made to be emptied….
4. Tardiness ~ be on time or stay home. It’s that simple. I am rarely late anywhere.
5. “Clutter” ~ not my “junque”, that isn’t “clutter” ~ but things that aren’t put where they belong.
6. People that think “their Mothers work or live here” ~ unless you are Michelle or Leah ~ Your Mother isn’t at work to clean up after you. Put things back where they belong, clean up after yourself. Lindsey has been at the “village” all week and I haven’t picked up one thing for her ~ she and her brother(s) know better~!
7. Accelerators ~ Buy a car with an accelerator or ride a bike.
8. Lead, Follow or get the “heck” out of the way. Don’t stand in the middle of progress.
9. Attitudes ~ Only positives allowed ~ no “whining” – I didn’t allow our darling Children to whine so you can’t either. I never serve “cheese” with your “whine”.
10. Wastefulness ~ use what you need, not everything you don’t. When you save scratch paper, envelopes, bags & wrap it saves us money and ~ you, "Save a tree~!"
11. Messes ~ I Don’t do “messes” ~ that aren’t for a good cause.
12. Bossy ~ I hate “bossy” ~ try very hard to never be “bossy”. We are all
Capable or handling ourselves. Rules are made for all to follow ~ so we don’t need to be bossy.
13. Disrespect ~ No patience for people who aren’t respectful. You first
have to respect yourself, then it will be easy to respect others.
14. "Laziness"~ Everyone I know, (even that precious little doll ~ “Savannah” who has a prosthetic leg) ~ has two legs ~ get up and use those God Given Arm’s & Leg’s.
15. "Excuses" ~ I just plain “hate” excuses. You can do ~ whatever, you set you mind to do – so there~!
16. "Bums"~ Find something to do ~ “Get a job” ~ they ARE out there,
I would flip burgers if I had to. Work, you can ~ and you need to.
17. "Can't" People who think “oh, someone else can do that for me, I can't..” ~ you were born with a brain ~ you can use it. You aren’t stupid.
18. Hypocrites ~ either you are and you do~ or you aren’t ~ choose a side.
19. Gossip ~ usually leads to discontent and usually isn’t true ~ ask me, I’ll tell you truth ~ not gossip.
20. Those folks that "don’t play by the rules" ~ makes it hard for those that do.
21. Bright Red Lipstick ~ Most of the time...~ it doesn't look good on you ~ and it really doesn’t look that good on your cup or soft drink can.
22. Strong perfume ~ So, I mentioned one for the other “hag” ~ don’t come to work “reeking” ~ others can breathe when you "smell".
23. Compromise ~ Anything worth doing ~ is worth doing Right ~ the first time.

So, there 20 some things that drive me cRaZiEr ~ pretty cut and dry and easy, hu? If you want me to remain in my good mood ~ that you usually see and not act like a “batty hag” ~ do your part. Whether, I’m in the car behind you or you are working at the “village” ~ David, Lindsey and Clayton (even, Sebastian doesn’t leave “puddles”) ~Now, you know what infuriates me ~think of all you can do that won’t bother me.

Here’s to keeping the Peace ~
~one vintage hag

~have one more post to share today ~ you will "love it" ~ something new for the "village" website ~ "we've gone to the dogs"....coming soon.

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