Friday, February 27, 2009

"Rainy" Day in Georgia, Working at the "Village", I love "rain puddles"...

"Rainy Day in Georgia" ~ did you see the movie "One Fine Day" ~ It has George Clooney & Michelle P.. Great movie, great scene where they play in "puddles" ~ guess that is what we will be doing here today. "Nannie" used to want me to wear "galoshes" as a child when it rained, guess she didn't have any idea how humiliating that would be for a child at school. Needless to say, I never wore "galoshes".

Squirrel's like "Autumn" don't mind the rain, they almost
have a rain repelling coat ~ and that bushy tail ~ shakes with fervor.
I'll tell you more about "autumn" some day soon.

Now, I don't know about you but any self taught "junker" needs a cool
yellow rain slicker ~ i have one, yes I do.
Our children used to call me "Paddington Bear" when I'd head out to the
original Lakewood wearing that ~ I stayed warm & dry each step
of the way, so I don't mind rain slickers. They do serve a purpose.
So it occurred to me this morning, first thing~ that I mislead some of you with one of my "peeves" post ~
the top of the list almost was "puddles" ~ I do hate puddles ~ on my counters,
on tables, on our check out counter at the "village" ~ you know
annoying places. But, there is one type puddle I like.
"rain puddles" make me laugh....
guess in an Atlanta suburb we'll be playing in "puddles" today...

off to play in the rain... ~one vintage hag


  1. I also have a bright yellow rain slicker with Glouster fisherman hat that I would wear when attending rainy day auctions in the midwest. The rains often kept most buyers away, but this was my favorite time to "auction" as I would come home with boxes and boxes of treasures. A little or a lot of rain on the face was pure joy as I hustled my wins back to my vehicle. I couldn't wait to get home and go through each and every treasure I found. Thanks for the nice memories of yellow slickers and rainy day auctions. I Need This Antiques - Dari

  2. One blogger said she hated to step in a puddle in her socks...she had a new puppy in the house...