Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick "post a comment" Lesson for my "buds" that want to know how...

"Theresa's Giveaway ~ 100th post is tonight ~ My fingers & toes are still crossed to the point of cramping..."

Now, for my "buds" ~ you too, Jeanine who want to learn about posting a comment on my blog or any for that matter....

Below each post on any one's blog there is a comment line ~ click on that. Write in the box whatever you wish to say in your "comment" (like Mary Kay Andrews did...). Now, when you are ready to submit ~ scroll down a bit and complete the word verification - that means type whatever you see in the window above in the bar below. Once that is done you may post your comment with a "google account" - choose that option. If, you don't happen to have a google account ~ it will let us sign up for one, quick, easy and very painless. Just select a user name and password that you will have an easy time remembering. That's it ~ then you can post comments where ever you like. All day if you like as you look about. I expect lots of new comments from all of you~!

Then, when you have a couple hours of free time (ha..) on any blog you happen upon click the "create blog" at the top right ~ and, easy does it ~ you'll have your own in no time. Or, you can invite me for "lunch" and I'll help you. I promise, its all very very easy. I'm not a computer geek.

I can not begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed mine ~ so quick. I'll be at my 100th post soon ~ with a giveaway, I promise~! You will make new friends, get reacquainted with old friends and have a high old time....

My wish ~ for every dealer at the "village" to have their own blog... think of how much could be learned that way.

Off to do my "chores", Sundays, my off days go by so quickly.....and dinner with the "boys", Clayton has been at an Army National Guard Drill since 4 a.m Saturday, he'll be hungry ~David's making "Hamburgers & Gravy... Yum", and I have a man that can "cook"~!

~one vintage hag


  1. Hey girly, anytime you see a name on a blog that is underlined, click on it and it takes you to that persons blog. Thats how you can get to Christines blog. I figured that was a little tid bit you didn't know about yet. It took me a while to learn about blogging and I still don't know much!

  2. Hey to you too,
    Thanks for the tidbit, that will help me.
    Glad that all my "bloggin" buds share these little things, it does help.
    Hope you have a great week.