Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Most Valued Asset "Customers" ~ we had many special ones in the shop on Friday...they "all" inspire me~!

Oh, we have lots of "pretties" at the "village" ~ you see many of those
in the pictures I'm learning to take for this my "little blog" ~
but as I reflect on all of those...
if it weren't for Our Most Valued Asset ~Our Customers
we would have nothing.
This post was intended to be devoted to those...and it is...
but wow what wonderful friendships we all have...
because of "blogs" & because of the "village".
I'm grateful for every single one...

"Ella" in the background hard at work under the
pretty chandelier My Vintage Heart placed at our counter.
Then, a visit from "The Charm House" ~ how exciting...
Its been years since I've seen Yvette & her Sister, Sonya.
We went to school together and both these ladies
have an immense talent...
God Given Talents
that they so freely share.
Check out "The Charm House" blog ~ one of my favorites...
what new found inspiration just having her
knowledge shared... with us.
I was honored that they came to the "village" to poke around.
They went away with some "treasures"... and it touched my heart
to share a bit with them & catch up.
They met "Whimsy" & "Piggy" & "Ella" ~ I was glad they were there.
Whimsy has some God Given Talents too... so they "chatted"... Loved that~!

Now, as usual I went home with some "cuties" but our "visits" weren't finished...

They love to "chat" ~ and you know I do too~!
More to share... always. We each have talents to share.
I hope that you are always willing to give those gifts to "friends".

Yes, those are pretty pretty vases, Yvette. I think they will be perfect for
your upcoming Pink/Black Showers...they found a new home. Cool~!

Right about now, she said "Sonya ~ how much are these..."
She brought her "eyes" ~ I can relate, I could shop better
with someone to read prices on my quest...
Yes, she did take 3 pool balls home too...
wonder what they will be in her altered art
world? Whatever, I'm sure will be fab-u-lous~!
Country Chintz, Kathy ~ another favorite customer of the "village" will
be tickled that she found us. Look, Kathy~!

And then, Krista... you know her. Another, Favorite Talented Customer.
You should see her home... won-der-ful~!
I've been there several times.

Get out of her way... she is on a mission.
Krista always come up with terrific treasures anytime she shops...

And, Jeannie... Wow... a great friday. Another Favorite~!
This talented gal got her start at the "village" ~ we love it
when she comes to "visit"... and shop of course. This gal
has some crazy mad talent ~ yes, that is a great thing~!

Ella, what are you putting on the "Fox" mailbox? Oh, I see some magnet
cards you have... looks cute on that "shabby pink mailbox".

We weren't finished yet... Cindy & Sandy ~ yes, they are twins.
Came shopping... it's a wonderful day at the "village" ~ Cindy is
a long time favorite customer, too. Oh, I see.. you keep Sandy away so
you can get all the "good stuff". We were glad to meet her today~!

Monday, March 16 - you know... The Gold Buy Evening Event.
With Refreshments... good ones~!
6:30 ~ 9:00 p.m. ~ we'll see you then~!

Yes, Oliver came to see us too. It's Friday and he knows we have "treats" ~
we're going to miss our 4 legged favorite ~ think Jan is giving up the shop out back soon...
Love You, Oliver~!

Yes, another sweet thing that "touched my heart" today... the cutest envelope, ever~! ~ You know we get these everyday with our "money" ~
that I bet Savannah & Camilla did for me...
love it girls... might get a frame at home~!
They are "darling" just like my envelope.
Thank you for sharing them with us "Grammy" ~ that's Cp.
Now, all the way around Friday I was "touched". Makes for some reflection of your life.
Without Friends, Customers, The Special Things ~ what good is it?
I appreciate the friendships that the "village" and "blogging" have created.
For me...
that's part of what makes the "world go round". I said that
Valued Customers are our Greatest Asset.
Yes, for the "village" that is true. But, these girls ~ all of them ~
"touch my heart."
In that special place deep within. We all have times that we want to give up ~ throw in the towel, right Yvette... quit blogging or quit selling treasures.
You have felt that I'm sure... on those days.
But on these days... I know why I do what I do, where I do, when I do...
because, I have these friendships to "touch me" ~
not just these girls ~ all the talented girls & guys... that grace our doors.
Dealers, Customers, Friends, Visitors that we are blessed to have. I'm grateful to have
this job, this bliss, these friendships, these talents shared...

maybe, that's the reason I'm.... ~one vintage hag


  1. Thank you One Sweet Darling Vintage Hag.... I had an awesome day! Love you, Yvette

  2. Without our customers we would be lost! So glad you have some great ones! I sure wish I lived close so I could come and visit!
    Miss you! Theresa

  3. OH how sweet -- some of my dearest friends --at my fav shop !! Oh that pink mailbox -- now where could I put it -LOL So glad yvette got by -- she makes such cute things -- so sweet !!
    Kathy - ga