Monday, March 9, 2009

Post 67 ~ Excited about Matilda Jane ~ "Sebastian" what should my giveaway be?

Today, Matilda Jane at the "village" ~ this is one of the "dresses" I'd like ~ and some
"linen ruffle pants" ~ not what you think... I've outgrown those kinds of "ruffles" but these pants are way cute.. . do I want the blue ones? Not sure, maybe just another cute top.... all wash & wear ~ with no ironing ~ I'm in... Hope to see you then~!
Sebastian, I need your help...
what to do for the 100-Th post giveaway... what should I shop for?

yes, that's a beautiful rhinestone/pearl brooch ~ should I get something like that?
You seem intrigued.

pretty, hu? this is one of my favorites...
there are lots to choose from with vintage brooches,
rhinestone ones are my pick ~ pillow pins or charms or dress up that denim jacket...
wear on a cord as a necklace. the possibilities are endless.

I like matte white pottery too...
old ones of course~
maybe I'll shop for a beautiful piece...
start someone a collection.

Sebastian, where is my "Savannah Blues" book?
you know, the one with the Mary Kay Andrews autograph...
I purchased it like that... paid a bit more.
for sure, a "MKA" book will be included... the "best"~!

I could add a pretty letter.... but who will win? that may not be too easy to
have on hand. But a vintage alarm clock ~ that would be fun.
More of what I love.... tick~ tock.

Sebastian, there are too many choices...
want to just go back to bed for
awhile ~ maybe we will dream of something~!
Lots to decide... hu, little one?

I know, I'll call Dee and order a cool linen button pillow...
what should it say?
"I love you, too much alot"

Well, the possibilities are endless... but a planner I am.

Already, working on it. Want something special, or somethings.
I have a couple "outings" planned next week ~ I will be looking for sure ~
going off "junkin" with "Whimsy" on Tuesday the 17th... then, a crowd
from the "village" making a trip to Lakewood 400 on the 21st. I'll
meet all Theresa ~ "Time Worn Interiors" friends,
and Jocelyn ~ "The Painted Fern" ~
she made my heart necklace...
and see "Sassy Trash" ~ Nancy.
Give "The Ribbon Lady" a hug... that's Joanne ~ she got her start at
the "village" ~ did you know that?
I've seen pictures... they all do such a marvelous job on their spots.

For today, "Matilda Jane"... can't wait to place my order...
first, lets go see who TWI ~ Monday Morning Favorite will be ?

smiles... ~one vintage hag

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