Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Outing with Nannie ~ I love my Mom~! She is a "hoot".

So, I've told you a bit about my "Mom" ~ "Nannie", well the two of us are really close and I
always enjoy her company. Being active that she is, normally she won't
go outside her comfort zone driving all over the place. She drives to Church,
swimming 3 times a week, to lunch with friends, to see my Sister,
She will take "Toddy", her girlfriend and go fun places too. They do the "Senior Bus Trips" together pretty regularly.
Now, Mom and I try to get together for a "jaunt" every month ~ sometimes more. Sometimes for the whole day, some times for an afternoon.
Tuesday, March 3 was just for the afternoon.
Saying to me... "Wanna go to Super H ?, Sure would like some good fruit...."

So, we arrived...Super H Market... Have you been? Asian Market with everything but the "kitchen sink" ~ and its spotless & very fresh. We love that store.

"Oh, boy... they have stuff outside. Let's go see"...
"Debbie these sure are some nice Navel Oranges, want me to pick out some for you?"

"Did you see these Pineapples ~ remember how I told you that you know how they are ripe?" "There only $1.99..." Yes, Mom...

"Wait just a minute..., I need some more of these Naval Oranges...
Kathy would love these"....
Then, speaking with a Chinese Man... (sorry, I deleted by mistake that picture...)
"Sir, these Cantaloupes aren't very ripe... but you could leave them on the counter at home
to finish ripening... Wonder if these would be any good?"
"Debbie, you want this one? Its a nice big Cantaloupe, doesn't Clayton love cantaloupe?"

Once inside, "Nannie" is on a mission...."What's this... do you like those? If you see
"Boston Lettuce" that's what I like on my sandwiches.... surely, they have Boston lettuce..." Did you get some Strawberries? Those Mango look sweet..."

We like the store on Pleasant Hill Road ~ its really large ~ has a great selection. If you eat it they sell it. Produce, Fish, Beef, Chicken, Tea, Condiments, Candy, Popped Rice & Dairy too..

"Do you like these Asian pears?" ~ "Think I'll try one Mom"...

"Debbie, look at this bakery... this looks really good, they have homemade Raisin Bread, that'd be good for toast. You want some?"
The story goes on and on... we laughed until we cried. We found out what Japanese Women do with "grouper heads" & their cheeks... make good soup...
We got home with quite the assortment of fresh produce,
flowers, meat, tea & popped rice...

My selections on the counter in the kitchen. All this for under $40....

Papaya, red & yellow bell pepper, Fuji apples, rutabaga, lemons, plums, carrots, cauliflower... oranges.....

Raisin bread, Chinese green tea, bananas, pineapple &
even a fresh bunch of "baby's breath" ~ need to make "Louisa" a hostess gift for this evening...

Popped Rice that's the Best~!
The lady in the back of the store sells it for $3.50 a bag. Great healthy snack with no calories...

Now, that was a fun and productive trip. "Nannie", we haven't been to the "Dekalb Farmers Market" in a while... maybe that will be next. And, I need some things from "Trader Joe's".
Mom is a hoot... if you need someone to go with, I'm sure she would "tag along...".
I love my "Mom" and the time we spend together.
Would love to keep her forever....
~one vintage hag
p.s.~ now for later today, i've gotta get me one em redneck dictonaries... gotta stories to tell ya bout last nite.over thar at louisas place... she lives in a manchon....and i dun been to tat plaze.

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