Monday, March 16, 2009

Tour of Collections ~"What I Collect"~ Trinkets & Tresures by: "The Charm House"

So, "The Charm House" wanted to know "What I collect" on March 16...
I'm delighted to show all of you. So, here goes...
"Trinkets & Treasures" at the home of the "mr & mrs. ~one vintage hag"

Vintage Pottery ~ vintage matte finish & some gloss finish ~ White/Off White Pottery...

Pottery... Pottery & more Pottery ~ all "vintage"

Not, a great shot... but there's another at the bottom of the post that's better...
I have shelves all the way around our "family room" ~ David did for me.
They are packed ~ loaded ~ weighed down by vintage white pottery &
vintage alarm clocks...

Tougher but my lovely collection ~ "piano liars" ~ now, three total.
All different & unique up placed up high with Vintage Ironstone Lids.
Another, favorite collection...

There are 12 vintage ironstone lids so far... with three vintage piano liars.

I adore "signs" - you might say... oh, so you collect ~motivational ones ~ not really,
I'm full of motivation already ~ just some "life reminders" as I like to call them...
This one in the kitchen. Another, in the hall "Its a Wonderful Life...." ~truly, it is.

Vintage Bristol Crown Ducal ~ Red Transfer Ware China
Started this collection when I got my "Nana's" ~ these were her
"everyday dishes...." So, far 138 pieces. Adore this pattern.
Use it everywhere and to "eat on" for special occasions.

Vintage Red Transfer Ware Sugar Bowls ~ without their lids....
These adorn my guest bath downstairs ~ love the ones I have
in the little metal cupboard. This one "my newest"... big one, thanks "My Vintage Heart" ~
she finds the "coolest old stuff" to help me add to many "collections".

See, I'm filling this cool vintage metal cabinet in the bathroom ~
with vintage red transfer ware sugar bowls w/out the lids...
more there than you can see,
its a tight place to photograph ~ so this picture shows you the "most".

David ~ "mr. one vintage hag" has collections in our home too,
this one Lady Lladro Figurines.. some interesting ones...
a few other lady figurines live in our home too ~ some Older Goebel Ones ~
and some Lenox Ladies.

letter "d's" ~ an obvious collection ~ "david & debbie"

for the "seasons" ~ little "mica & putz houses" ~have more of those with Vintage Seasonal
Annalee's & a great vintage bottle brush tree collections at Christmas time... All packed up now ~ but have a few for each season ~ trees, houses a few new, but mostly older ones.

here you go ~ a better picture of my little old alarm clocks with more vintage pottery~
this on the opposite side of the room... (see, "mvh" when you came by at Christmas) ~
it was all of mr. hag's Christmas In The City Villages....
I've promised you could see... and you can, come by anytime but for today a glimpse.

Rainy in Georgia today... so, no luck with pictures of my new "cloche" collection outside on the patio. And, a couple new "collection idea's" for our "little home" ~ the obvious
that many like Time Worn Interiors collects "Butter Pats" & I think that I may begin a
collection of "soaps" ~ from the places we visit... for the Master Bath in a "big fat glass jar".
I have several cool clear glass jars another collection as well... forgot to picture those. When we downsized a couple years ago, I had to pick my favorites... sold, the rest to "good homes" because there used to be many many more.
I've been delighted to participate with The Charm House in "What I collect".
So, on a final note ~ You know "Webster" would define a "collection" as ~
col·lec·tion (kə lek′s̸hən)
the act or process of collecting
things collected, specif., as in a hobby a collection of stamps
a mass or pile; accumulation
money collected, as during a church service
I on the other hand define a "Collection" in a different way...
A "house" is a "house" or in our case a "condo" ~ once you add the occupants
character ~ in the things you "love" ~ you add the collections of the occupants, us ~
its becomes "home" ~ without any particular defined style - just "home".
Don't have a "collection"? ~ Goodness Gracious ~ Start one... right away...
You'll be so happy you did~!
Thank you "Yvette" ~ I've loved this idea & participating.
Now, for the rest of my "day" ~ I have to leave our "home" ~ Its the "Evening Gold Buy Event" at the "village" ~ my list is a long one for that. Exciting~!
And, today is "Wren's" Birthday... A dealer in our shop ~I've mentioned her before...
I'll take her a "cup cake"....
"Today ~ Wren you are the star of the show... hope you birthday is packed with surprises"
Tomorrow & Saturday.... a "fun day trips" junk-in with some "buds" ~
wait til you see our vehicles...
have enjoyed sharing a "part" of what makes me... ~one vintage hag


  1. OMG! I love this peak into your home and the collections that reside within. I also collect signs and ironstone lids and transfer ware and vintage Christmas mica houses but then I also collect Native American pieces when I can afford them, American basketry, flow blue, shells, shells and more shells, estate jewelry, Edwardian hats, americal needlework, vintage Christmas items and by now you are probably wonderfing where I stash it all...well I rotate collections out because I have a small home. Anyway, this was so much fun to look at. Thanks for sharing it all. Dari

  2. Debbie, Your collection is wonderful... Where to start~ I know nothing about Piano Liars, you will have to tell me about them. You pottery collection is unreal! Your clocks~ I cannot wait to purchase my first one, just have not the first one yet, almost at your store, just a little pricy. Christmas Mica Houses~ A Collection that I have to keep slapping my hands on and saying No, Yvette, NO!! Whitney (daughter) collects brown transferware, with help from MOM. Lady Lladro Figurines ~ I just can't see to get into Lady figurines, I have some Doulton that were passed down, but I just don't love them.
    Collections aren't they fun.....

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I love, love, love, your red transferware! I love your signs too. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi Debbie..

    Wow I love your collection! love the vintage pottery.. thanks for sharing..

    have a nice day!

  5. Hi Debbie! I just love all of your collections!! I have so many myself...I didn't even show all of them ~ I'd love to visit your shop one day, maybe I could meet Yvette there and Deborah too!! Have a wonderful weekend, xxoo, Dawn