Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Follower ~ A busy Friday with "Free Kittens" ~ "junk-in" tomorrow ~ keeping my "chin" up...

End of my busy funfilled Friday... almost time to rest my weary head...
David, already sleeping... doesn't seem to come as easy to me this week.
So, a post for you about "busy Friday's" ~"kittens in new homes" ~"New Blog Friends"~
and, yes... the ~hag is gonna blow her horn.
Something else, I'm not real good at.

The start of our day... "ella" hard at work on the "sidewalk display" on this beautiful day.

It's already going to start... horn blow #1 ~ look at this way cool ~ window table in "Green" ~
a ~hag find Tuesday.

"ella" ~ I'm loving these "galoshes" ~ I'd even wear these if they were my size.
I've told you about "Galoshes" as a child... never wore them, even when it rained...

horn #2 ~ check out this darling "baker rabbit" and the cool glass jar ~ could be
used for your "collection" or maybe just a candle ~ as seen here. More, Tuesday finds...

horn #3 ~ oh, my gosh. Lisa I think these are "majolica tiles"... am I right?
Awesome Vintage Hall Tree in shabby white... glove box & umbrella stand.
Love this ~hag find, yes me....~hag

horn #4 ~ look at this darling shabby window greenhouse... wanted to keep this one.
have no room left... so, it can live at your house if you promise to treat it right...
I adore this type "shabby" & what a "treasure".... yes... it's in my spot.

Look at this "darling" ~ full of finds... don't you love it? I sure do.
about finished blowing my horn... sorry, I just love it when I find
super stuff... and, Tuesday was "Super Stuff"... yea~!

oops.. horn #5 ~ this precious oh so shabby vintage metal dollhouse would be perfect in
your "herb" garden. I don't even think "Atlanta Doll Clinic" one of our special customers...
would want to tackle the "repairs"...

oh no... horn #6... I mentioned the cool vintage bicycle basket... here it is... "charming"
would make a great magazine rack mounted to the wall.

not really.... it's David's but what the heck... horn #7 ~
check out this old iron birdcage... do you have a "parrot"?

Yes, we had "Free Kittens" again today... the same ones I shared before...
but a couple weeks older.
Thank you for sharing your "babies" Marian...

"Button" found a new home with Aaliyah (left) and Destiny (right)
"button" is in the middle... he found a great home with these
darling little girls & their brother.

Logged on to find I have a "new blog friend" ~
Tracey from
"Tied Up Memories" ~
go over and check out her great blog... Wow ~
I'm so glad she visited this little blog today... you'll be in heaven when you visit her's.
Some of her great shots from Lakewood 400 ~ today, she was there.
We love "junk", we love "treasures", the thrill of the hunt,we love "Krispy Kreme Donuts" ~
"Cupcakes" ~ yes, a favorite a good cupcake.
wow, we have lots in common - love this girl-y already...
she loves my "name" ~ it fits me well ~ can't wait to meet you in person.
Love these "bottles" ~Tracy ~ I'll be looking for this dealer tomorrow.
Still have several things for the 100th post "giveaway" ~ so stay tuned, you
will have to register for sure.

Oh, I'll have my "books" and the one for my "giveaway" for my
favorite Author "Mary Kay Andrews" to sign. Guess, I picked a good
"off day" at the "village" ~ thanks for manning the shop ~ Tlw's~ Lew's & Bed (d)~!

"The Charm House" met "Sassy Trash" & "The Painted Fern" last month.
I already know one of them,
but I'm getting to "shop her spot" at the market - I'm excited.
"2chippy's" too~!

have to peak in to say hey to "Joanne" ~ she started in this business in our
shop ~ but no hand dyed ribbons then.
I think maybe I need a few yards....
I'm be part of "blogging" ~ I'm thrilled to have such "good friends with
common interest" ~ I am honored to be apart of such a "over the top talented" group of
dealers at my "job"... they call it a job... mine with wonderfully gifted Men & Women. So
a bit from the "hag" horn ~ you didn't mind did you?.. won't hear me doing that often.
I'm overwhelmed at the coming weeks task... know that I would rather spend
my week blogging... working at the "village" ~ sharing with all of you~!
I'm nervous... a little upset... but I have my faith ~
not only in challenging situations but in those very dear folks
that share life with.

Until tomorrow... or the next day... know that I will have plenty of pictures from
"our junk~in day" you can come along with us...
rest now... that's my medicine & rejuvenation~! ~one vintage hag


  1. Happy Junkin! I forgot the 400 was this weekend. We are off to Texas is morning, so I'll be MIA for a while!
    Later girly!

  2. Awwww....Thanks "vintage Hag" for the sweet shout out!Oh my love the green table! I'm a sucker for green houses. I have one that I'm constantly putting little displays in them. Love the rusty bicycle basket.OOh so many wondeful finds!Have fun at the market!Tell Jocelyn from Painted Fern I said hello! Too funny how we connect in this blogworld!!!