Friday, March 13, 2009

New Beach Pictures from Stacey...a grateful "hag"...

good morning blog land... I had a good nights sleep, have new prospectives on life ~
and I appreciate the emails about David. He is going to be
wonderful ~as usual ~ you know he's my "rock"~!
we'd appreciate it if you would just say little prayers for him.
I'm even more grateful now for my "blog" ~
and the friend I stay in touch with
& new friendships this venue has opened.
So, Thank you, I love all of you~!
Have you heard of "Flip Flop Cottages"? A place I've always wanted to visit - its actually at the top of my current list. This mermaid picture came from their blog ~ "thank you" ~ it's a "beach hang on" that I look at often ~
and dream about our next trip whenever that will be?....
maybe I should print this one
and put it on the bathroom mirror....?

anyways... one day I will get the opportunity to visit there ~ they even "welcome pets" ~ so
I know Sebastian will be thrilled....Now, you have heard a lot about my "little mermaid" ~ Stacey, my darling niece in Clear Water, Florida.
Some new pictures from her to share ~ had those on email when I woke up today... I adore getting her emails ~ fun stuff~ we have the "smileys" going on too.

This is Stacey at a "Bay Coast" tent ~ not sure where -
Maybe its the one at the baseball park with "major league teams". She is a
natural "Social Butterfly" & has no trouble "running her mouth" ~
so, if that is what landed her this new job
"chat on" Stacey...
Girls do love to talk... Lindsey is the same way~!
And, I might add ~ tickled that "Stacey" will be helping with favors, guestbook and "Mom" projects at the wedding. See there Lindsey, Stacey will do little jobs for me ~ so, you and the bridesmaids will be free to do was you wish... we'll both be delighted~!
Some down time, off day...
At the beach (lucky duck...)~ with two of her "pooches"
(the look like the enjoy that) ~
and of course, Brett.
Looks cute in that little 'kini... doesn't she? You go "girl-y...".

Have a "sea gull" ... guess you can drive on the beach there ~
wish I was... at least walking there now.

Pretty Pretty beach with sun... "Brett" is way in the distance with the puppies...

and, you say I send "random stuff"... guess this is why you studied photography?
To take pictures of abandoned men on the beach?
Is this like maybe an Army type scuba diver... with this "flippers"?
Laughed and Laughed at this one ~ girl-y.... you are too funny~
and I must say take some good pictures you do...

I know you have heard of "footprints in the sand" ~ well these are
"pooch prints in the sand" ~ yes, another quite random shot...
Stacey keep sending me stuff ~ I adore hearing from you each day ~ and, I love the bonus pictures of where you are & what you're up careful & safe~!
Much Love ~ "aunt hag"...

Gotta get some cleaning finished for my company tonight ~ then off the the "village" ~ my favorite diversion from "life" ~ see you shortly girls...

a very grateful ~one vintage hag

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  1. Frankly, there is a lot to be said about abandoned men on the beach. I love it when the ocean throws something back. I really enjoy these little snippets about/from your adorable niece. Keep them coming.