Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New "village" pictures... Looking a bit like Spring & Easter is coming on in...Surprises coming soon~!

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose,
for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."
Back yesterday after my weekend off... to the "village"
It's beginning to look like "Springtime" and you know we have "Easter Finds".

Bunnies, Chicks, Ducks oh my.... why there are other surprises
coming soon today ~ I can't wait for you to see~!
This precious face ~ you need at your home for
Easter Time ~ Or Anytime...
she's splendid~!

Looking like Easter... This Pink Chair with "Chippy Paint" ~ the perfect
host for your "fern" or maybe an Easter Basket. This darling chair
can be found in the "My Vintage Heart" Spot.

oh, la la... I would love to have a place for this architectural header...
I think MVH brought this back from a recent buying trip.

"The Fox Hole" has been shopping again... check out this stunning pink cabinet.
Great Color ~ just like an Easter Egg in Spring.
And, Vintage Ephemera ~ perfect choices for Easter Decor.

Get your "Glitter Eggs"... 2/$1. Can't beat that. They are right up front.

Lbi has added more Easter finds... theirs "Egg Garland" ~ pretty cookie
jars .... Great Finds ~ come shop~!

Be careful... these "beans" are sour. Turn your mouth inside out.
Loving the little old muffin tin with pink straw and great egg ornaments.

Okay, so this will be some one's Easter Present from ~hag - there's others
but I had to have one of these corrugated paper Easter Bags - with a "chick" no less.

Easter Etc. ~ oh, no I mean Easter has Arrived in the "Etc" spot at the "village".

Get your vintage flocked chicks... going fast ~ these "cuties" will be around until
Tuesday... then "Shab n' Chic" closes.... we will miss Jan, Jim & Oliver.

This precious chest, covered in vintage pattern paper ~ can also be found
at "Shab n' Chic" until Monday or Tuesday...
then, the transformation to "The Shack Out Back" ~ bittersweet to say good-bye
then have a new charming great second venue in the "village" parking lot ~ for more shopping.
Can't wait to see what the "shack" girls have up their sleeves.....

Little Shabby Chick in the clay pot ~ our garden area to the side...
get ready "Chicky"... refreshed garden coming soon... everything is "coming up"
and Car-li-que and North have some plans for the renew.
Won't be long....

Coming by for a visit... pinch off some "herbs" on your way out.
There's is thyme, rosemary, sage, mint and others...
We never use chemicals on these ~ they will grow better if you help yourself
as you're leaving. They will all be "up" soon for your enjoyment.
I hear there will be "tomato plants" too ~ wonder if she will share those.
Nothing better than a vine ripe tomato sandwich.
Just a few of this weeks wonders at the "village"...
surprises ~ yes, we have some of those
too. Wait til you hear ~ I'm excited.
More pictures soon too ~ my batteries were weak yesterday ~ been using them a lot.
Lots of new old stuff coming each day.
I added "much" yesterday and so did some other talented dealers.
And, challenges too. This week is full of those ~ I will try to include
you in each step of the way ~ if I'm away a while ~ no worries...
I'll be back as quick as I can.
Now, today... catching up, paperwork (does that ever end), errands, nails ~
and an exciting as usual afternoon at the "village"...
guess, pollen is necessary but I'm beginning to see in "yellow"...
~one vintage hag

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  1. Surprises.... I love surprises!!! Visit my blog tomorrow for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ~ I am so excited to announce this surprise!!!