Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giveaway.... getting ready, Shop Pictures, "Macy" & look what I got...

It was more post than I thought... so the time is drawing near,
getting ready for the 100~th post giveaway...
are you ready... do you like these things?
I'm thinking about adding a "Cloche" & "Pretty Vintage Rhinestone Pin"
and of course, A "Mary Kay Andrews book" ~ maybe I'll have her
sign a "Deep Dish" copy on Saturday, at Lakewood 400.
You better tell me what you like... or I won't know what to get.

a darling... vintage coin purse with a rhinestone fastener...
Ironstone Vintage Brown Transfer ware Butter Pat
Cute Vintage Double Strand of pearls....

Do you like... old vintage cute creamers in white?
these are "cuties" ~ maybe I could add one of them.

Lookie.... Lookie...
i got a new old.... sugar bowl for my collection... Tuesday junk~in - forgot
about it til unpacking treasures at the shop today....
the lid doesn't match ~ so it may end up at the "village" i don't want
lids on the ones in our guest bath.

Today's purchases from the "village".. you know I have a habit of buying "cute" stuff.
Cute "Peeps" Easter Egg dye... cute "bunny" pins... wonder who will end
up with these, I intend to share with my "children"... all three of them,
Stacey is included.

Want one... call the shop ~ 770.978.0013 - the peeps dye is 2/$1.

Some new cards that ~hag added to her spot today... not a big one for
"newbies" but these "Seasons of Cannon Falls" cards are precious
and retail for only $2 a piece at the "village" - suppose to be $5.00.
Mothers Day & Fathers Day choices....
they are in an old bicycle basket right up front.. found that Tuesday too.

"Macy" one of "Sam's" pooches... had major surgery this week...
been thinking about you sweet girl... "Get Well Soon"~!
Isn't she precious... maybe I should see what "Sebastian" thinks of a "Westie".

Some "village" pictures... not that new, but not that old.
my camera batteries were dead this morning...
Cute stuff in the "lt" spot above.

and some pretty chandeliers in "Mvh" spot... the small one already sold.

cute cabinet - it's metal in the ~hag spot
one booth redo accomplished yesterday until that booth grows,
we are taking out a few shelves so I can have more room in the
"nook" ~ excited to spread out some.

Have an old... shabby screen door that will be placed in the
entrance way once expanded, got that Tuesday.
Next week maybe. then,
way past time to tackle the "corner one"....maybe with Lakewood 400 finds.

Too cute, Wreath of Carrots can be found in the Mmg Spot.

Piggy is looking good upstairs... come see~!

Mmg spot upstairs, just a little piece of that big interior spot...
its packed with really good ~ vintage finds.
"Michelle.... is your blog ready yet?"
I'm ready to read so write faster.

Dari - I Need This Antiques... yes, you do need what she has.
Lots of good choices always.. and with great descriptive tags I've mentioned before.
She knows her "stuff".

Mae has a very cool planter... or is it to "ice drinks" ~
Lindsey would like for it to "ice water bottles" at her wedding in July.

The "Bed" Spot... upstairs.
Just heard that Elinore (the E in their code) in the hospital...
"Elinore, hurry back.... we miss you~!"

Some pretty depression glass in the Ccr spot.
what are you waiting for... are you going to come shop, yet?

Pretty Plateau Mirror (I love those...) and dresser set, looks to be celluloid in
the "Fox Spot".
Okay, so you haven't decided yet?
Ask Kathy ~ Country Chintz or "The Charm House"
they will tell you to come shop...
we have "great old stuff" and new treasures arrive each day.

still hanging in there... thank you for your "love" and "care" ~ I don't know where I'd be
without my "buds"... today... yes, you guessed it "still gracious".
Somewhere along the line you have to trust someone.
You've just got to be clever enough to pick someone
who's smart and wholesome and worthy--
and then just listen to what they say.
until tomorrow... ~one vintage hag

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  1. Hello! Just popping by...I've noticed your name and get a chuckle every time I see it and wanted to see who it was! I love it! One vintage hag! I was at lakewood today! I quickly went through it in the morning.I miss the one by the ampitheater!Your pictures look like I could find a lot of treasures!That giveaway looks just perfect too!Anyways..nice to meet you!