Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nannie day... fun stuff... It's back to the "village" tomorrow after getting ready for my "company"..

So today, some fun with "Nannie" ~ an off day and a pretty one at that.
We have company coming tomorrow ~ My Uncle John & Aunt Judy so we needed
some "fresh flowers" , "fresh breads & pastries", "good coffee beans" ~ you know,
we like them and want to show them a great time on their visit.
Friday night appetizers at our home ~ so, had to get the fresh ingredients to that...
then we are taking them to "Urban Flats" ~ you know how I adore that~ they will too, I'm sure.
off to the Dekalb Farmers Market. Have you been? Its the best around...
More about that in a bit... but we did take time to have lunch out ~ "Water Shed"~ Martha is right about this place... heaven on earth~!

Occurred to me today, that I haven't recognized "Melissa" for her big heartbreak... so, soon a post to her. Recovery... and her "silver lining" coming soon, I know it~!
If for no other reason, I truly enjoyed her on "Dancing with the Stars" ~ not too shabby for only 48 hours of practice time. I'm sure she has done a bit of dancing as a
"Cheerleader for the Cowboys" ~ and the ballet she's done doesn't hurt.
I admire her getting back our there... so quick. She's going places.
You have to know by now, I love tough women... independent is good too...
I'm one of those.
So, if you don't watch shows like this ~ just skip my post on her.

Tomorrow, another "exciting Friday" at the "village" ~ I adore "Friday's"... working with
Piggy, Whimsy & Ella. Can't wait, and you know girls I will be in by 11.
Have to finish all I've started for "company" so I'm ready and waiting...

This, is "Miss Hag" ~ just ask CP ~ she will tell you it's true.
Doesn't anyone need a Coconut Head Woman to live with them?
She is super ready for a new home.
She has actually scared some little customers
visiting our cozy shop.

Loving this new chair "My Vintage Heart" ~ it won't be here long...
I'll be back at the "village" ~ for more pictures tomorrow,
you know treasures arrive daily. I'm so glad ~ there will be more to share.

Today, I forgot my camera in my haste...(Nannie was glad) so this is a
"cantaloupe prize picture"
from our last "market trip" ~
looks like Nannie won the lottery
with her "cantaloupe".
I love her... She makes me smile..I treasure each day with her.
and yes, we do get in trouble where ever we end up~!
Lunch out at "Water Shed" ~ out first trip there.
Wonderful, awesome, amazing, delicious, fantastic, splendid, fresh, appetizing...
and on and on. I can't wait to go back.
Nannie has the "Shrimp Salad" ~ and you know I love a good Salad so I had
one too... they were the "bomb"~!
Already told my "darling husband" he is taking me there
for my birthday..
that's coming up~! Yea~
Glad I found that cute purse that needed my monogram to drop off at Melrose on Ponce. That's another treat shop. Shirlyn does a terrific job and
she monograms so the "perfect friend"~!
She actually got her start at the "village" ~ how cool is that?
Tell her I sent you... you'll be glad you went~!
"Mary Kay Andrews" shops there too...
we know a great shop when we find one.
Then our last stop before home, the Dekalb Farmers Market.
Now, that's "heaven".
Anything you ever wished for to eat or drink, and then some.
I got a bunch of good stuff... and some "Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica" ~
splurged for my "baby" ~ he had a rough day. But he too will
have the "silver lining" after all this "going's on". Say a little prayer for him,
he has some new (like yesterday...) medical challenges
that we will face head on ~ real soon~!
busy days ahead.. excitement... until later... ~one vintage hag
and don't forget, the "Gold Buy" at the "village" ~ Monday night from 6:30 - 9:00
with yummy 'freshements.

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  1. had to share a "Stacey" message - This is one amazing incredible young lady that I adore ~from my email ~

    "And by the way, "LOL" can mean either thing...I guess I mean it as in "laugh out loud"! ON ANOTHER NOTE!! OMG..I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!! You really don't have to do that...gosh aunt Debbie thank you so much! That is incredibly sweet of you, to get me on a plane!! wow!! There I go again crying...I don't know if I'm just over emotional or what?? But thank you, thank you!Oh and I love the new wallpaper, it looks like you for sure!

    She liked my yesterday post I think... well I like her a bunch too. have a great day Stacey... ~one vintage hag