Wednesday, March 18, 2009

With a Smile... Been Junkin ~ New Finds... His Grace is Sufficent

Well Hello,
I've been away a little bit... lots to share... where to start...
well lets start with my "junk-in" trip yesterday.
That's a bright start...
Met Piggy at the IHOP and enjoyed breakfast with she and David.
You know I love to eat... and, their $4.99 weekday special hit the spot.
had them add a few "pecans" to my pancakes... now, that's "eating".

After breakfast, we were off to find "treasures"... met up with "Ella"
who lives closer to where we were going than where we live...
forgot my camera... darn.
But, we did some serious shopping... I felt like I was in another State
found many many many treasures ~ and so did the "girls".
Now, junk-in with my "Man" is always a treat ~ you see he likes things
that are pretty & pristine... I on the other hand like things that
have very little paint left ~ the shabbier the better and the places
we went had a lot of both. So, jackpot. Had the pleasure of meeting
"A Thrill & A Joy" ....she was great ~ and better had great stuff.
Got so much that I had to go back today to pick up
what we couldn't bring home with us Tuesday.
Lets see.... David got a Great Iron Base table w/ a finial on the base ~
he got a great old iron birdcage on a neat stand (all one piece) ~
he got a terrific vintage fish bagel set for Sunday Brunch ~ it's for sale,
so it can be for your "brunch" ~ and he got a great old oak child's table
& a beautiful chandelier ~ looks like what they had at the
"Magic Pan" ~ think that is why he loved it.
Now even better... well maybe, I got ~
a fabulous window greenhouse (to die for) ~
a wonderful vintage hall tree
(white with vintage tiles & cool lines & glove box with umbrella side spots) ~ a
fabulous vintage frame in gold ~ a great shabby screen door ~ a wonderful iron
plant stand ~ oh, my... a vintage birdcage (with pink accents) & a stand, a great
table painted green (made from windows ~ lots of glass...)
& of course tons of smalls ~ pictures promised.
Come and get it... all the big stuff is inside. Smalls coming well
as prices for all~! Got lots of to do ~
then off to another shop ~ we had done two fabulous shops so far.
Now, Piggy & Ella got lots too.. but I have a feeling they will be holding off on
bringing most of theirs in ~ they are opening with Whimsy ~
"The Shack Out Back"
around April 1st ~ I can't wait....
so they were shopping for that ~ not so much for their spots in the "village" ~
yes, they are keeping those too.

The next stop on our shopping spree was "Closed on Tuesdays" ~ how can you be closed on Tuesdays? That's a busy day for us...actually, all days are busy for us ~ grateful for that.

So, why not... let's eat again. At the "Varsity" no less.
If you live in the South ~ you eat at the "Varsity" ~ enough grease for a month.
Piggy's first time there so she had a "frosted orange & a peach pie" ~
You Go Girl~!
David and I were "full up" ~ but then, after his appointment... we had
St. Patty's Dinner at his Parents. That was good too ~ needless to say,
I didn't need much food today. I've been trying to work off some of what I ate
yesterday ~ there was plenty in reserve ~ no worries....

oh, yeah...I did manage to find 3 items on my list while shopping Tuesday
for the 100th Post Giveaway~!
I think this is like post 75 or 76 so ~ almost there.
Not finished yet... but my giveaway WILL include ~
this lovely vintage brown transfer ware ironstone butter pat ~ precious square
These pretty vintage costume pearls with a pretty catch~ double strand
A darling silver vintage coin purse... wait til you see the rhinestone fastener....
now, for the post giveaway ~ a few more items to find ~ you will love it when
I put it all together... Can't wait for that either.
Maybe, I'll find some of the other items Saturday @ Lakewood 400.

Now, another part of my Tuesday included "heartbreak" ~ I won't go into
all of that ~ cause, I might cry but.... we all experience heartbreak in life.
Mine a bit different~ but heartbreak just the same.
Melissa experienced a heartbreak... when she and Jason broke up.
~as she said "the good news is their is a silver lining" ~
His Grace is Sufficient ~
Everything happens for a reason....~
“all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord”

I get all that... its just hard to go through heartbreak. But, I know that there will
be a "silver lining" no matter the outcome. Most important today ~ I'm grateful for my
friends. They all say different things.. but they all mean the same ~
With a Smile... I love you all~!
Grateful that I have a strong & determined husband ~
that won't recognize the negatives... he has a faith like steel.

Grateful that I have that faith although maybe not as strong ~ I trust these words...
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"
Now, you will learn something today that you may not know ~
that verse the reason for Lindsey's middle name "Faith".... another story for another day.
I've had faith for many years you can be assured of that ~
now, mine is growing with every minute.
Would have never thought you would get "verses" on this blog...
Wonders never cease~!

I have finally got my play list (tunes) like I wanted (thank you, Yvette)
~ and the first several songs ~ for David.
I adore this man~!

See, in just a few short weeks... she's back with a vengeance on "Dancing with the Stars" ~
I will be too... Not dancing but back in the swing very soon.
I'm determined if nothing else.
Thank you for your patience with me in the coming week.

I realized after my post on things I collect... I forgot a few collections...
so here are a few more I remembered.
For, "The Charm House" ~ Yvette. Funky necklaces... two of my favorite above ~
"The Painted Fern" did my heart charm with burlap ~ Carli-que made my button necklace in an array of colors. Love those...

I used to collect "bunnies" ~ so I have some cool ones...
this one from my partner & dear friend hag 2 ~
he is my soap dish in the guest bath. I have many bunnies inside & out.

More of what ~a vintage hag adores...

Tomorrow, take my camera to work... get some fresh shots of the new stuff ~
So, stay tuned. Friday, work with the girls at the "village"....
Saturday's mission ~ to meet some new "friends" that like "junque"...
to complete my wish list for the 100th post giveaway ~ and to add more
"treasures" to the hag spots at the "village" ~ that shouldn't be hard.
still smiling...a very grateful ~one vintage hag
p.s. ~ come on "Michelle" ~ I'm ready to see your blog~ and read your amazing journey~!


  1. Debbie, Take me, Take me!!! I want go junkin!! Anyways.... I am going to be one of ya'll one day hopefully, remember!!! Save your collections, I did so well, I am going to do it on the 15th of each month! FUN! And sometimes I am going to add a little twist!
    Have fun at Lakewood!

  2. Can you e-mail me Need to ask you something.