Friday, March 13, 2009

The Charm House & Her Sister, Sonya came shopping... yea~!

Exciting day at the "village" ~ I went in late, came home early ~
"what a life..."
that usually isn't my mode on Fridays ~ I'm usually there all day... you know I love
Was excited to see "The Charm House" today ~ that'd be Yvette ~ and
she brought my long ago friend Sonya, her sister... we hung out
a lot during our "wilder years" in middle & early high school.
Boy, have we both grown up a lot....since then...
That's not all ~ we had visits from "Jeannie" & "Krista" & "Cindy & Sandy"...
and our Police Officer Friend, "Linda"... Busy exciting day ~ I love those~!
So, I am planning "The Charm House" post for tomorrow morning...I adore
her blog, all kinds of tips, all kinds of learning, gosh she has it all ~ and with lots
and lots of "faith" ~ got to admire that alone. Kathy ~ Country Chintz will be excited that
she was in today.
you know I have company coming in an hour ~ got to get busy with
my part of our "early meal~!"
One last thing though... a little birdie told me that "Michelle" ~ yes, Mmg at the
shop has a new blog ~ I'm so excited...
I can't wait to hear about her new "journey" ~
we all want to read up on that.
Yes, she does have much going on outside the "village"~ and a full time nurse in the neonatal unit job too...
So, hurry... tell us the "blog address" so we can find you and read about
your "life and exciting times" ~ I know you have MUCH cool stuff to share...

I'll be back first thing tomorrow... I promise... ~one vintage hag

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