Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As Promised ~ More Village Pictures.... Enjoy ~ Guess What I'll be doing on a few blogs?

Yesterday was just one of those days that wasn't as planned what so ever.
Cleaned "Nannies" ~ then home for office clean up ~ catch up on paperwork ~
the dreaded taxes finished ~ David time.
Instead all of that I managed to accomplish was to clean "Nannies" ~ we had a great
sub for lunch and her TV is on the fritz so David took off to look for a new one ~ we
too go a new Vizio television on Sunday ~ our Samsung was the worst....
anyway back to my story ~
ended up at the "shack out back" cleaning with ~hag 2 we did carpets, general outside cleanup gave the "shack pack" some stuff to use ~ a microwave/coffee pot/broom you know "extras". Today, I'll take pictures of their progress.
Did end the day with the best meal ever ~ homemade spaghetti ~ my darling Italian husband made the sauce from scratch ~ just plain y~u~m. Sometimes our days take a much
different direction than we plan ~ just learn to roll with it ~ make the next day a bit different to accomplish all you have to.
Before I show you the rest of the "village" pictures from Monday ~ wanted to tell you about a few things that this ~hag will be doing or already has done.

Quite possibly the "cutest apron" ever ~ and all you have to do is register.
"Polka Dot Barn" is giving this away ~ my name is already in the pot.
So head on over, check out this dynamic blog and enter your name ~
I have my fingers and toes crossed for this "giveaway". The deadline is April 6 ~
so go now...

"The Charm House" has "What I collect" on the 15th of each month ~
I've already posted once ~ but will be a regular on this collection day.
I find it easy to come up with something creative to collect ~ and as usual,
forgot to share some of my collections originally.
Sign up with her ~ so we can see what you collect.... Fun had by all~! You will need
to stop in and shop in her new space at the "village" too ~ creative terrific wares.

~one vintage hag (me) also has a giveaway upcoming, don't stay away too long this is post 89 only 11 to go. Another Surprise upcoming as well ~ but I can't tell that quite yet.

Now, on with those pictures you've been waiting for. Monday continued shots of the "village". Have you noticed I don't photograph entire spaces ~ our dealers are proud of what they do so in order to keep their booths individual ~ i never photograph the entire spot.

Check out this darling "chick" in the chair ~
understand she came from a recent California Trip.
Mmg spot.

Now, the Sam/Braves booth offers anything you would ever wish for ~ especially "smalls".
You won't believe that all the pack in this spot.

CCR's have a darling toile cabinet ~ it might be a small wardrobe,
"The Painted Nest" ~ Deborah would like this pretty red piece.

Lslb ~ has the cutest "bunnies" ~ I adore this little fellow.

"If Friends Were Flowers I'd pick you" ~ needlepoint pillow.
Why "Ratso" we already picked you ~ you're a keeper.

More "pretties" in the Tlw spot.

and again... in the Lew's place...actually that is "Lynn's Little Extras"

very interesting finds on Dari's counter. Remember, she is the one with history on the tags.
All you would ever want to know about these "Need This Antiques".

~hag's spot glimpse I've learned where to get the best stuff. Thanks Girls~!

Mmg's darling red china cabinet ~ here is the "red" again "Deborah".

It's a new day ~ new opportunities. I'll be going to the "village" shortly. Have lots to do.
Stacey (the precious niece) sent me some new pictures that I will share sometime soon ~ she is making her way in grand style. Writing her a fun letter next.
And, a surprise ~ okay, you will get that tomorrow so stop by this little blog to see.
until then... ~one vintage hag

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