Friday, April 10, 2009

Only one taker so far...on the Pay it Forward Post....

I know that since I only had one taker on the "Pay It Forward" Post that
many of you have been busy like me.
One taker so far, (I Need This Antiques)
two comments left to get a handmade gift from the ~hag.
Leave your comments today and I will get busy making you a special gift
that will be sent in the USPS mail within one month.

This is the way it works....
If you are one of the first three (only two now...) people to leave a comment on this post, sometime in the next few months you will receive, via. snail mail, something cool that I've hand made~Just For You !!! There is no obligation, no worries. The only request is that you include this logo on your blog and the next three people do the same. And on it goes!!! This should be fun ! Leave your comment below and start watching the mail!!! Be sure to leave your email so I can contact you and get your address or you can email me ~~just go to my profile~ I'll need your mailing address to get your gift to you.......Let's see how far we can "Pay It Forward"~~~~~
I have some special plans... already in the works for one special blogger ~ won't you let me make something for you? For my "Pay It Forward" ~ I will need your favorite colors,
favorite things, anything your find special in list form, your interest.
Leave your comment today... only two more chances to enter.

I'm being a busy bee. Just like those bee's that awake to find the flowers preparing
their breakfast.
Post 97 already... are you watching for the 100~th post giveaway? Monday, April 13 come on back to enter for my special giveaway.
awaiting your comments.... ~one vintage hag


  1. You know me too well!!! I love PURPLE it makes me smile. I love Shih tzu they are sooo sweet.
    Guess And I love special friends they stick together.You know who!!!!

  2. i tried to add your pay it forward to my computer, so far it will not attach...says there is an error..BUT i will keep trying! thanks for stopping by the farmhouse, hope you come again!

  3. Well sign me up. I love to pay it forward and think this is such a great idea. I'll put up a post on my blog and add the photo.

    Have a happy day


  4. My favorite color is Yellow. I love anything French related--Eiffel Tower, Fleu de Lis, etc--especially vintage. My fav flower is a yellow rose. My fav bird is hummingbird. I love roosters--they are cross overs between Country and French.

    Thanks for walking me thru the Pay it Forward, i think I have it figured out!