Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Bash 12 years old Vintage Village ~ Wiped today ~ Joyful for a new blog ~ Giveaway tonight, remember....

It's our 12th Birthday @ Vintage Village ~
Festivities underway ~ every day a special treat for our precious valued customers ~
appreciative for their continued generous patronage over these memorable 12 years.
Cupcakes ~ yes, those were for our Friday.

Our four legged special friend, Charlie ~ came by for a visit on Saturday.
At day's end ~ we felt just like Charlie did ~ wiped~!
In a good way for sure. Much hard work ~ much water ~ much sun ~ wiped at days end.

Ella's back from her special trip with Kim ~ to Paris.
She picked her birthday hat ~ a chenille lampshade.

At the crack... that's before daylight ~ we were up preparing for our special day.
Our first 2009 Parking Lot Sale.
Bargain's galore amidst the many tents in front of our cozy shop.
It was a marvelous day.

Lot's to choose from ~ this great wonderful chippy garden set in pink was one
of the offerings on our hot pavement Saturday.
It's a beauty ~ just right chippy ~ see Laurie & LuLu...

Tents, tents & more tents.
I didn't have a tent ~ but did have a cooler of ice cold drinks.
Today, aglow with yesterday's sunshine all over my face, shoulders, arms & some leg.
We had help from hubbies & our village friends ~ days like this we need all the friends we can get ~ to sell others items, help loading treasures for customers ~ even in tent set up.
Thanks to all who offered help.

You've heard we offer all but the kitchen sink.
That's true everyday.
Saturday, we had all including a 2000 Harley Davidson.
Look Cat Daddy ~ we needed you and Trash Talk for a test drive.

Ms. Willie was there ~ with her made from scratch cakes & breads.
I got a whole chocolate pound cake... Y~U~M~!

Whimsy had her darling daughter, Hannah selling with us.
What a cutie ~ glad we had some time with her today.
I got something from her... but it's a secret. Lindsey looks in & it happens to
be for her ~ a special shower decoration she will surely adore.

The birthday bash continues til May 8. Special every day.
Wait til you see our other special days. I have many pictures yet to share.
Can't end this portion of the post without a big XO to the special hubby's at the village.
Of all days... our air conditioning went out upstairs.
It was 84 at 6:00 a.m. ~ William came by from our service company and pumped our unit full of freon ~ then, later in the day. Paul & Jimmy went up the roof shoot to check on the iced up unit before we turned it back on. Made me a nervous wreck... ice thawed... hubby's off the roof that's close to the sky... we have air again. Yeah... cool for our hot Georgia Days...
Happy Birthday today ~ Mr. Lew ~ Jimmy~!

I've told you before about our special friend ~ talented village dealer ~ resident mermaid.
That's Dari. She offers us all help including me... on any web issue.
She told me how to do this little blog... and I did. Happy to have this special venue to use a bit of my time in. Happy to have all my new blog friends & for the connection to those friends I miss. Anyway, Dari who's getting married in the Bahamas the end of May ~
now has a blog of her own. She's joined ~
and my little blog whom all have blogs where you can get a better look at what we adore ~ including the village.
Go visit now... you won't be disappointed. Her new blog ~ musings of a sea witch.
As her heading proclaims ~ she does have the ability to exist underwater ~
we are most grateful that she exist in our land.
A fabulous talented amazing generous spirit ~ in our midst.
Her first post... left me with teary eyes. She's very kind, you'll see.
I'll be checking in on her blog daily now ~ along with all those other places I visit.
Another reason to have a grateful spirit ~ another who shares all that inspiration.
My daily doses from each of you every day.

My first little 100th post blog giveaway tonight ~ 7 p.m.
Is your name in the hag hamper ?
Having company later today ~ special family for ice cream & cake for my special day.
The 28th ~ my birthday. It's also Aunt Judy/Whimsy/Sam & Vintage Village's, birthday too.
I'll have your name in the hamper ~ 7 p.m. this evening.
birthdays are so much fun. grateful for all the village buds... ~one vintage hag


  1. Loved the post.... I wanted to be there Saturday for the Parking Lot Sale to see what was going on. The day got away from us before we knew it.

  2. My dear one vintage hag, now it is my turn to shed a few tears. Nothing like a little salt water to bring joy to my life from your lovely words. It is this very exchange that has me enraptured with these blogs. Such amazing souls that so willingly share pieces of their heart. Thank you so. sea witch