Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stacey came to the village ~ It's her birthday weekend. Happy Birthday Sweet Darling Niece

What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?
-George Eliot

Stacey my darling sweet precious niece who I've told you much about came to the village on Saturday. It's the weekend before her birthday ~ April 21 so they loaded up their family and drove 10+ hours from Clearwater, Florida to visit with family. Look how cute they are. Brett of course ~ he's her man & their three 4 legged children ~ Trigger, Ace & Coco.

Trigger made the trip with no worries. He has a fort set up in the back of Stacey's sport utility with his siblings. Oh, but Ace wasn't happy back there ~ most of his time was spent on Stacey's lap sleeping on their long drive. I think he's the baby boy of the bunch, not really but he tends to think so. Their first stop was lunch with Nannie, and I got a take out bag from her lunch ~ yummy. Great sandwiches, chips, dip and even Key Lime Cake ~ Stacey's favorite.
Nannie had that special for her ~ birthday cake with candles to blow out.
Then off to the village ~ to see aunt hag ma (me).

Cute... don't you think they are all cute?

left to right... Trigger, Stacey, Brett, Ace & Coco. All sweeties, all with hearts of gold, all that work hard, all that love to play. Yes, that is all correct. Brett & Stacey do work very hard at their jobs. Brett, he's a chef at a resort in Clearwater, think I should go taste all that he cooks there. Of course, the pups work hard at getting to go to the beach dog park & getting their treats. I'm sure Stacey works hard at her job as well as keeping everyone
happy at home.
They all do their parts for sure.

We had an outstanding time together at the village. They met some of the great & wonderful village gals, got a tour that included garden spots ~ what fun.
Wish they were always close to home so these visits could happen more often.
In the meantime, we will take every chance we get to chat a bit & catch up.
Delighted they were here ~ so glad we had some time together. So glad for this special little family in my life ~ they are part of the fun crowd.

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie ~ you are deserving of every good thing life sends your way.

Coco ~ the latest addition to their family was a rescue. Stacey picked her up on the road when her family moved and left her alone. See, heart of gold ~ right? She has adjusted to life with the 4 legged boys ~ siblings. She has adjusted to her new beach life.
She is just like her Mom, Stacey a cutie pie.

Next trip, Sweetness ~ you'll be leaving on a jet plane from Tampa to help Aunt Hag Ma with Lindsey's wedding. We have many jobs for you... a stay in our cabin ~ the North Georgia Mountains await our visit. I'm sure we will leave our mark ~ Lindsey's wedding promises to be filled with much fun. Just wait. We are all thrilled we have more time together real soon.

Now, have you registered for my first giveaway yet... what are you waiting for?
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You have until the 26th of April ~ to get your name in the hag hat. Yes, LuLu (2chippys)~ your name is already in that hamper ~ oh, my junk necklace awaits I remember.
I'm on my way to Lakewood 400 today to get that special order from Lulu.

excited ~ one vintage hag


  1. Sweet Visit.... I am glad that ya'll had so much fun! Can't wait to see the gardens! Yeah!

  2. Stacie and her gang was very cute. I enjoyed seeing her again. Hope they have a wonderful safe trip. Also, if Nannie reads this blog I must say she needs to open up a sandwich shop. Man her sandwiches are GREAT! Thanks for my sack lunch Nannie. Love ya!!!

  3. Hi!
    Just linked over from love2junk. Your blog is charming and you have the best name in all of Blogland.
    Stop by for a visit!
    Pam ~ One Gal's Trash

  4. Loved seeing all the pups! I am such a softie for dogs! Looks and sounds like everybody had a great time.