Monday, April 20, 2009

Junk Tour ~ The Charm House ~ 20th of Each Month

Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive...
Junkin' ~ well that is my middle name.
~Junkin' Tour by The Charm House 20th of Each Month~
So, Yvette you know that I am fairly new to blogging this little blog was just started
in January of this year. Therefor, I just learned to use this new friend~ my camera.
So, I'm limited in what you can see on where I junk. But wanting to participate today~
here goes. If you are a junker at heart, you can find a place to junk where ever you end up.
I am hooked, it's in my blood. Whether a goodwill, salvation army, thrift stores in general are amongst my favorites. Taking someones cast offs ~ to find a charming way to re purpose them in my home or the antique store I co~own. I've shopped all over the US ~ and love the thrill of the hunt no matter where I end up. Junk can always be found.

This time each year my junkin' turns to other places for treasures.
Posies ~ just last week a trip to Growers Outlet in Loganville, Georgia.
Have you been there?
This too is a favorite place for me. Finding those perfect posies, ferns, hanging baskets, vegetables, herbs... all to accent our homes or even our Antiques & Collectibles stores.
I would highly recommend this place to any junker ~ make your patio, screen porch, yard all glow in the blooming seasons. My porch looks so much more quaint when
I add everything I find here. Vintage concrete pieces, architectural or even my cloche collection that lives outdoors ~ need this touch to showcase our collectibles.

See, all the choices you can select from? Truly a collectors hunt.

Now, another of my favorite places to junk ~ yes, Vintage Village.
Offering the wares of over 50 dealers this store packed to the
brim with charm is a place you can find anything your heart desires.
I know, I am an owner ~ but no joke. Much of the wares in my home that add those special vintage touches has come from this fabulous junkin' delight.
You can also find The Charm House wares ~ and they are special additions right when you walk in our door. Come see, you won't be disappointed. Right, Country Chintz ~ Sassy Trash, ask them they will tell you. The hunt is always my focus ~ so here, at work I can find most anything I need for home or my garden ~ and don't forget gifts for your "junkin" friends.

I will make it a priority to take pictures on my Junkin' Tour's next time I am out. To share with all of you. If you are a junker by heart ~ you can always find treasures no matter the place. Yesterday, my sweet hubby and I were at Lakewood 400 ~ came home with bags from there too. Wait til you see my special Junk Necklace ~ I'll share it with you this week ~ a Lulu ~ 2chippy's original.

One Man's Trash is Always an Other's Treasure.

happy junkin'...~one vintage hag

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  1. Junkin' is worse than anything a drug czar or Seagram's can come up with! Hello, My name is Debbie and I am a junkoholic.
    Loved the tour, but I'm gonna need photos next time to get my fix, thank you.
    Don't you just love your original junk necklace? I love mine more than diamonds!

  2. ssssh..don't tell Trash you have diamonds in yours, OVH!
    ox lulu

  3. i love your music!! i was so happy to hear the rainbow connection. brought back such happy memories..
    i really like your site. i am a fellow junker and apparent kindred spirit.
    love nita <3

  4. Hi, please tell me where you are located. I'm always up for junkin! Hugs, Patricia