Friday, April 17, 2009

We're playing in the dirt ~ Gardens abundant at the "Village"

It's important to have a plan, a big picture.
You can deviate from it or change it completely,
but it gives you something to work for.

With the help of many of my "buds" ~ Carlique, Flower Wower, Whimsy, Lbi and North
there will be abundant gardens this year at the "village"... antiques, collectibles & more...
our more this year, a big garden plan.
The Village gardens will include a water garden in the vintage tub above.
An herb garden.
Hydrangea's, Lilly's, succulents, knock out rose bushes, perennials... why, we have it all
we've been playing in our dirt these past few weeks.
Bud's it looks amazing... & we've only just begun. Our big picture will include inspiration
inside & out when you visit the village this spring, summer & fall.

Did I mention Organic Vegetables... we have those planted too.
I can hardly wait for a juicy tomato sandwich.
North came back to take a peak yesterday.
This spot is the "Village Shack Veggie Garden Pit".

I backed the junk wagon in to plant plant plant on Thursday.
We have tomato's, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, squash (two types), carrots,
watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers (lots of those) ~ dill, onions, mint ~ oh, la la...
fresh vegetables. We might even share. My junk wagon has been a dirt, plant, garden tool
hauler this week. It's been a blast. Dirty clothes and all.

Every amazing thing that happens in the dirt has taken place this week.
Can't wait for you to see. There are many more pictures coming your way...
maybe tomorrow & Sunday, too.
Now, I am having a giveaway that you must register for. I've found it very difficult to have that as the focus this week on this little blog.
I'm a giver, and always enjoy giving those special things...
don't get me wrong just seems that there is so much to share about our goings on.
Just scroll down a bit, or what the heck... just leave a comment here and I'll grab your name
and put it in the "hag hat" right away.

vegetables, herbs & posies...& the 100-th post giveaway. ~one vintage hag
(see whimsy, i did use your pictures...)


  1. I can't wait to see how that water garden turns out. I've been contemplating one of those myself. And speaking of gardens, I am way behind. We don't even have ours tilled. Raised lots of good stuff last year and hope to do the same this year. Good luck with your venture. I would say "have fun" but it is way too apparent that you always are! Maybe it is contagious and I will catch the fever. Happy weekend!

  2. Been lurking for awhile...enjoy your blog whenever I stop by. love giveaways, so please put my name in that "hag hat"! Good luck with the garden! *elaine*