Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you ever wonder what this ~hag is up to.... well basically I'm always busy, good busy.

Wonder you do. About what this ~hag is up to.
Well it's really quite simple ~ she's busy. Good busy but just plain busy.
When I'm not packaging up Janna ~Artsy Fartsy's giveaway package,
celebrating Vintage Village's 12~th birthday, shopping for junk, or posting on this little blog
these days... I can be found in the garden. Which garden? Well, all of them.
Above is the outside hag lane garden at the village.
Whimsy, Ratso, Lbi & Carlique helped with that too,
I will be found giving credit where credit is due.

I can be found planting baby knock out roses ~ always enjoy ours at home so the village
needed some for sure. This baby will be big in no time ~ watch & see.

Or perhaps you can find me ~ taking pictures of Carlique's toad abode ~
a special addition on hag lane.
It's hard to tell with this photo but these old clay pots have much moss ~ to provide a cool
damp toad habitat for those darling (maybe not) toads
who chose to reside with us in the hag lane garden.

Maybe, I'll be found trying to capture the beauty of this multi colored lantana ~ a favorite on my list ~ nestled in the wheelbarrow at the village with this
beautiful vintage pink light cover
who's homes here because it's broken pretty bad.
So, re purposed in this garden spot to reflect the light of the sun.

Or, you just may find me at home in those favorite garden spots. In the front garden
of our home ~ cozy, quaint & even some of my favorite chippy junk for our little abode.
Rabbits ~ situated amongst all our favorite posies that we enjoy year round.

Amongst my favorites at home ~ Lambs Ear, Shasta Daisy's, Knock out Roses ~ are just a few with this chippy garden rake with a darling birdhouse ~ that we actually leased to a small finch this year for her nest & babies. Her real estate agent said it was the prime spot ~ I could be found worrying about this nest~ being so close to the ground ~
Changa, the Siamese cat is around our home often to visit with Sebastian~
I didn't want Mama's precious bird babies to be in harms way.
Shhhh... I told them as I watered posies, they were all very quite...
now, they have grown large enough to fly away.

Rabbits... more rabbits... ~ you can find me with them.
The wonderful striped wave petunia's would be a great snack for a hungry rabbit.
So, they are perfectly placed for an anytime snack.

Then, I could also be found plucking spent blooms from our posies.
Colors so pretty & bright. We have bloom offerings of pinks, whites, yellows...
are just a few. Why there is purple, red & blue too.
I can be found hoping that this years crop will be large enough for vases filled to the brim with posies from the garden, our garden.

Early mornings you can always find me watering the beautiful double clematis ~
it's bloom show only days away.
The geranium as well ~ it lives in this darling iron bird planter in white ~
a favorite gift from a special bud.

I could use a bit more time being found on the back patio for sure...
sometimes there aren't enough hours in my days. The cherubs await with more bunnies for some pretty posies this season to grow out back.
Of course, you can always find me... with Sebastian if were home in the garden.
I've never seen a dog that smells flowers before, he does ~ every single one.

You might just find me celebrating a birthday ~ mine.
April 28th~ a special day with My Man.
We had a little party with some special family on Sunday night ~ tomorrow is the actual day.
My card from the Man said... I get to pick my present~! Interesting, wonder where I'll be doing the picking... a junk store, a book store, a GPS store (i need that for navigating) or a store that sells a camera that will fit in my pocket? Celebratory, I'm really not. Lunch at a favorite place with David will be loads of fun. Should I take my camera? Maybe I will. I need to take pictures of all the special presents I've already received...
they are all just perfect. Wait til you see.
April 28 is also the actual Opening Day 12 years ago at the "village".
It's also the birthday of my longtime bud & fellow junker ~ Whimsy.
It's also the birthday of favorite Aunt Judy ~ remember her?
And the birthday of a Sam ~ sweet precious husband of Terri a dealer in the village family.
Busy... just plain good busy. living each day to the fullest. ~one vintage hag


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, your Village, and all your special friends. But--most of all--enjoy the special day with your special Man...

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May your day be as special as you and you enjoy time with family and friends. Happiness to all those that share this special day with you.


  3. Happy Birthday to you, VV and all the friends that surround you and celebrate this day as well. I love this blog as it is full of good reads. Never heard of a "knock out rose" so I gotta find out what this is. All the best - sea witch!