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12 Secret Homemade Uses for Eggs... Really.

Being an Antique & Collectibles lover like me ~ have you ever ask yourself...
"what else could I do with this?"... I sure have many times. Yesterday while
reading emails I came across these interesting "secret egg uses" ~
what a cool thing to share on this little blog so close to Easter Time.
In case you ever look at a plain old egg and wonder what else you could use it for...
12 Secret Homemade Uses for Eggs

Why Eggs Aren't Just for Eating The egg is a symbol of Easter, and of rebirth, as well as one of our most versatile foods. But it is so much more… The egg is one of the most versatile items used in cooking, but its list of uses does not really end within the borders of a frying pan. It can be used in many other activities including arts and crafts, skin care, creation of musical instruments and even gardening. If you have plenty of spare eggs at home, you can try out the some of these cool egg-based items.

Yolk-Based Facial Cleanser
Egg yolks are rich in Vitamin A, that moisturizes skin and keeps it healthy. Mix a couple of yolks together and add a little water. You’ll get a facial cleanser that helps delay some of the signs of aging.

White-Based Facial Cleanser
The egg white cleanser is a good supplementary material for its yolk-based counterpart. If the yolk facial cleanser prevents skin aging, the egg white cleanser smoothens the skin. It removes the puffiness beneath the eyelids, blurs the pores and makes the skin tighter. You can alternate both facial cleansers nightly for maximum results.

The egg is a natural moisturizer, making it a good ingredient for shampoos. To create egg shampoo, crack an egg and mix the yolk with olive oil and water. You can start using the solution once it lathers. Apply the egg shampoo on damp hair for a few minutes before rinsing. The egg’s fat and nutritional contents will add shine and bounce to your hair. This shampoo is perfect for hair damaged by pollution, chlorine and excessive sunshine.

Leather Cleaner
Egg white can be used to clean and restore leather. Its thick and sticky base easily removes dirt from a leather surface, upon scrubbing. The base also forms a protective covering on the leather, that gives the surface luster and some protection from temperature changes. To prepare the cleaning solution, crack two eggs and separate the whites. Place the whites in a bowl and you can start cleaning your leather items.

Compost Material
Eggs, being nutritious food products, can provide soil with enough nutrients to make your
garden plants healthy. When making compost, simply mix crushed eggshells with the green component. The calcium content of your compost will greatly increase, making the soil richer. Your plants, in turn, will be more robust.

Candle Mold
Are you amazed with an egg’s perfect oval shape? Why not make
candles using the eggshell as a candle mold. Pour molten candle wax inside an eggshell, then add the wick and a little perfume. When the wax dries, crack the eggshell open. You will find a nice egg-shaped candle to stylize your home or illuminate your room during power outages.

Home Ornaments
From an artistic point of view, the egg’s perfect oval shape is a thing of beauty. You can paint patterns on the eggshell and eventually turn it into a good ornament for
your home. Observe your home’s interior. Paint patterns on the eggshell that perfectly suit the theme of your home. Set the painted eggs in a visible corner of your room to wow your guests.

Pots for Small Plants
In terms of getting nutrition, small plants often get bullied by weeds and larger plants. To ensure their survival, you can plant them in soil that is half-filled with egg shells . The calcium from the shell will promote the young plant’s growth and keep it healthy. When the plant reaches the height of three inches, you can transfer it to your garden. As for the eggshell, you can use it as a pot for another plant or use it as
compost material.

Pest Repellant
Scattering crushed eggshells on the leaves of plants can keep soft-bodied
pests away from your plants. Snails and slugs, known as notorious leaf eaters, will hurt their bellies if they run over the jagged corners of crushed eggshells. Once they get hurt, they will move away from your garden as soon as possible.

Egg white is naturally sticky. If you touch it, it will cause your fingers to stick the moment it dries. Try using the egg’s sticky base when mending light items like paper and cardboard. You will notice that it works just like all-purpose glue, with the nearly the same amount of holding power. You can even use egg white to create paper mache paste, if you mix it with flour, water, sugar and alum.

Food Paint
If you want to add color and
style to your pastries, just decorate them with egg yolk-based paint. Prepare the paint by mixing the egg yolk with 2 ml of water. Place the mixture in different containers then add food coloring to each. Now, you can paint cool patterns on your cookies right before baking them. The paint not only adds design, but it also gives your pastries a richer flavor.

Musical Instruments
With the current popularity of the acoustic setup, many live acts use egg shakers as percussion instruments during their gigs. You can create an egg shaker by removing the egg’s contents while maintaining its shell intact. Put two teaspoons of uncooked rice or mung beans inside the shell, then cover its opening with tape and superglue. When your egg shaker is ready, you can practice using it with the acoustic guitar. You’ll be amazed at how a small simple-sounding instrument can blend well with the guitar’s music.

There you go... more uses for the Eggs we keep in our refrigerators.
Have fun with them.
More post like this coming soon ~ what neat and handy information I have to share.
Is this post 96? stay tuned... ~one vintage hag

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