Saturday, April 11, 2009

Post 98 ~ Busy Bee's Around the Village ~ It's Easter Time ~ Much to do...

Busy Bee's... buzzing around the Village these past few days ~ no, every day actually.
Much to do before Easter... Eggs to dye... for our Easter Egg Hunts.

Marshmallow Chicks & Bunnies to eat up... around the village, of course.

Live in the Moment.. That's what we are all about.
Helping Customers with Easter Treasures & Baskets to fill.
Packing booths to their brim... planning our Easter Celebrations.
Holidays are such fun... there's buzz in the air.
Much to do before Easter.

Not just bee's buzzing, why there are birds chirping.
Spring is so wonderful ~ but here in the South ~ pollen,
everything even the precious birds all look yellow these days.

"The Shack Out Back" greeting their precious customers,
the "Shack Pack" has been the busiest of the bee's this week... and now,
customers to play with. What fun.
Looks really pretty in their oh so quaint "Shack" ~ you will need to come see for
yourself. Sort of like a "little village".

Whimsy... she's in charge of posies. Why she is even going to help me
on "Hag Lane" ~ the village side garden. Ratso, Cp, North & Lbi are all going to help...
it will be a delight for your eyes once complete. More busy bee's.

See, Lbi ~ Mag & Ella were busy bee's fixing your spot back while you were away
on Spring Break... Nice to come back to all those envelopes right...?
See the "village dealers" have lockers where their sales are deposited each day ~
they may come collect their loot anytime, fun stuff ~ money~!

Now this might just be trouble... Piggy & Whimsy what are you filling Elsa's ears with?
Buzz, buzz...
Whatever they are up too will be creative, thrilling, captivating ~ not trouble, I'm sure.
All these girls have mad talent.

See, we love being "busy bee's" ~ always up to something.
This week... we have fed the birds & squirrels ~ planted some posies ~ helped many great customers ~ eaten Easter Candy ~ packed Easter Baskets ~ gotten new costumes for work ~ Priced Treasures ~ added charm ~ filled booth spaces ~ supported the "Shack Pack" ~ planned our Easter Festivities ~ brought grocery's ~ cleaned ~ maybe even a load of laundry. Busy Busy Bee's ~ always buzzing with excitement around the "village".
Post 98 ~ only 2 to go til 100. You will want to register for my giveaway ~ don't forget.
Some sleep now... before another busy day with all my favorite bee's.
buzz, buzz, buzz.... ~one vintage hag

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