Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Hag Happenings"... still trying to catch up... The "Chicks" Night... lot's going on...

Is it just me, losing a week or so has left me feeling so behind...
do you ever feel like you are never going to catch up?
Gosh... that's me lately. I hate that feeling, a bit overwhelmed but I am
making progress, I think anyways.
Behind on post, not satisfied with this little blog.
Behind telling you about "Chicks Night"....
Behind on pricing inventory that is riding around with me in the Yukon.
Behind on the Village newsletter & calendar that needs to be ready by Friday.
Let's not forget ~ Easter is Sunday... meal plans and preparations.
Decided to take one thing at a time... see what you think~!

New blog wallpaper ~ do you like it?
I'm never this indecisive...
but never got a "right nice"
feeling with the former paper. Tell me, is this new one a keeper?
I love spring time ~ love distressed ~ love "busy bee's"...

Love this image ~ and there was sort of an "Easter Parade" last night.
(image from tiedupmemories site, thank you)
"Chick's Night" ~ We each had to wear a "bonnet"...
So, we were in the home of Ingrid Jayne. Why is it
when I need the camera it's not in my purse...
when I have the camera I forgot to use it....
At Lindsey's Sunday the camera was in the bag I call a "purse"...
never made it out, never a thought...
Last night at Ingrid's do you think I remembered the camera? Heck no.
What is wrong with me...? I need to get this train back on track.
Louisa Elle & Carly Cute ~ they won the prizes for the best bonnets ~ cause they were.

"The Chicks" were creating... a "Precious Moments Ring" ~ not the Precious Moments
you may be thinking of ... these were precious moments to each of us.
Our Children, pets, husband, jobs, places..
whatever ~ each on a separate card on a ring to hold
Precious Memories ~ maybe, would be a better term.
Need to add my pictures... but made 5 cards (front & back) for my ring... will be cute finished and something that we can continually add to.

At Ingrid Jayne's ~ we did our work in her beautiful home filled to the brim...
with collections ~ she has glass jars, vintage matte white pottery, vintage dog planters, buttons, mercury glass that's new & old, cloche's, glass jars, grapes, pretty china pieces,
and more glass jars. This gal loves glass jars. They are so pretty & bright ~some full of treasures, some empty for imagination.
Our meal ~ a great salad to build... one of my all time favorites~ so, I enjoyed the heck out of my salad ~ then sherbet with a Peep for dessert.
I really like those Peep Chicks too... have you tried these sugary sweet
marshmallow type Easter candy ~
it's the shape of a Chick... just for us.

I will do my best to get an invitation back just for pictures... you need to see this amazing Victorian home ~ filled to the brim with the things we adore.

Sometimes, I feel like I spend much time at a desk... not necessarily creating but rather
catching up. When I concentrate thinking of how cute this little gal looks at her desk.
It makes me feel some better about time spent being at mine.
I am never behind, so perhaps that is why I'm finding this so hard ~
I am prompt, present and always ready for the next task. I will be again soon...
or, I'll just be crazed like now ~ trying to get ahead.

Goodness Gracious... Easter is Sunday.
Where does the time go?
Maybe I'm having trouble since our weather has been so cold these past couple days.
Doesn't feel like time for our Easter Celebrations.
Beautiful... That's what I think about on these Special Days.
With so much to be appreciative for ~ Easter will be that day for our family.
Even if it means... little sleep until then.
So grateful that I have my special family to celebrate with... never lose site of
whats important. Even in "catch up" times.

So, tell me.....
Do you like my progress?
New Wallpaper for this little blog....?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I don't like that feeling...
Are you ready for Easter Sunday?
Post what like 94 or 95... not long before I unveil that giveaway, don't be gone long.
You will want to register.... to win~!
Wanting to be back in the swing ~ have my train back on track... Now.
~ one vintage hag


  1. GIRL I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU !!! TRY 2 WEEKS BEHIND !!!! I just don't know where all the time goes! I've been so busy ~trying to get my etsy shop going~making things to go in there~~ had a birthday party for sweet husband~~~ making pay it forward gifts~~~ making Easter Basket Swap gifts~~~ moving studio from one room to another so I can have more room~~~ AM I NUTS OR WHAT ????? And then I need to post~~~all this is so new to me and I wonder how people do it~~~~ But does it make sense to say I love it ??? I love to blog and I love all the friends I've made~~~I just need to learn how to manage my time better!!! I hope to be sending your gift out to you next week~~~ just wanted to let you know I haven't forgot about you!! Girl, you live in Snellville~~~I live in Powder Springs~~~maybe we can have lunch sometime! I'll email you later and we'll see. Well, I better go. JUST KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE ~~~~~~ I THINK EVERYONE MUST GO THROUGH THIS AT SOME TIME OR OTHER !!!! Blessings, Deborah

  2. Hag, It always seem like we are alone through stressful times but in the end we have the friends who really care. Deborah said she has alot on her plate right now and don't we all. We all need to take a step back and say I can't look at the Big Picture, I have to take it piece by piece. Sometimes that is hard to do but it works. Sometimes the things we think are so important are the least of our worries. Most important is we should remember we can lean on eachother for support. THATS WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR. I have found that a true friend is one that is there thru thick and
    thin. You have been there for alot of people since I've know you 12 years. You have been there for me and I value our friendship. SO as a friend take it piece by piece.
    Love ya

  3. Love love love the new paper. Especially the bees! What is fun about the blogs is that you can change your paper at whim...much like how our desires seem to whim. I have to laugh about this post, I am so behind with things I have to accomplish that I feel like my calender is one long blind date right now. Will I ever see the end? I have no one to blame but myself, I have too many irons in the fire as usual. So, I'm gonna grab a squishy peep and eat it and then tackle one task at a time until I have made more room on my calendar to fill it up again! Life is sweet! Dari