Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kudos Susan Boyle ~ Remarkable Video

For the record... I have no idea how you don't post when you're having a giveaway,
I just can't stop... I adore this little blog.
Back to this point of this post ~ I'm sure many of you have seen this but if you haven't ~
take the time to watch this video beginning to end... you won't be Sorry.
Kudos ~ Susan Boyle
(my friend Jeanine ~ just click on the link above, you must see this...)
Would love to know how to add the video to my blog post but, no clue, I've tried what seemed like what I was to do ~ but that didn't work.
You have until 6:59 p.m. on April 26 to register for the giveaway ~ My 100-th post one....
do that after you watch this special kudos.
enjoy.. ~one vintage hag


  1. The video gave me shivers when I saw it! I'm so happy for her! I would like to know how you upload the video too! I got my little daughter to try and help me do it and we just couldn't figure it out.Let me know when you figure it out!Wishing you a happy day!

  2. I love this wonderful talent. She is an every woman who lives her life in a gentle manner. Miss Boyle spent her lifetime taking care of her mother, went to church and is a caring citizen of her village. Her joy was her karoke and her friends received such joy from her heartfelt voice. I have watched this video several times now and each time brings tears and joy. What a gift that has been shared with the rest of the world, all through a silly little show and communications techonology. Dari