Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"The Shop" in the little cottage behind Vintage Village

Quaint, Cozy, Fabulous & Wonderful Vintage Finds.

Several things have occupied the cottage behind Vintage Village and most haven't lasted very long.

It's hard work being a "shop keeper".  The hours are long, the summer hunt is hard, so you have to have passion, drive and determination.  Danielle & DJ have just that and a "bag of chips"!

Their shop hours are exactly the hours Vintage Village is open (Monday-Saturday 10-6) and I know our valued customers appreciate the opportunity to check out the selections at "The Shop" while visiting with us. Although small in size it captivates all sorts of antiques & old things lovers.  Some of their latest finds include an original bakery bread box that is in perfect condition. 

A wonderful bank of industrial lockers.  These never stay around long as they are so diverse.  Wish my bathroom was large enough to accommodate these.  Talk about room for storage!  You could even add a vintage mirror, comb, brush and some lip sticks to one of the cubbys - just like we all did in our high school days.

Victorian curtain rods and I spotted but forgot to picture some victorian curtain tiebacks as well.  These are quick sells again being so diverse and they are very reasonably priced as all the wares in "The Shop" are.

Been a while since we've seen good old jadite dinner plates.
  They have a whole stack of vintage Jane Ray.  Ooo-la-la, Martha would love this find!

Love the new but ever so sweet numbered pitchers.  These make a perfect gift.  Fill with some darling old fashion striped paper straws, a few lemons and perhaps your favorite lemonade recipe for a friend or neighbor.  Did you happen to notice the vintage milk crate below the table.  You can never have enough of these.  I adore them for storage and there is no chance items inside will get crushed.  They are terrific planters, magazine racks or used with locker baskets for an industrial media tower.  Crusty rusty perfection!

Tea for 2 chalkboard table with two darling little chairs.  See, what I mean... all that and a "bag of chips".  There is only about 40 things thus far that this hag could use. I've been working hard around the village - refreshing the common area looks - so, all those old crusty pieces, even the galvanized water cooler I didn't picture would be so fun in our little kitchen area.  

I've ask them about doing some guest blogging occasionally on our little blog. So am anxious for a fresh article or two. 

You must come visit with the gals out back.  You'll be so happy you did.  The prices are reasonable,
the selections plentiful, their outdoor gardens are welcoming.  It's just plain sweet!
So thankful to have these talented ladies out back in the cottage.  They are excellent "shop keepers" and we wish them only the BEST!

♥ one vintage hag

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  1. Love that the cottage out back is filled again. Will have to stop by and do more summer shopping at both VV and the cottage. Stay cool. Sea Witch