Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer time offers so much fun in the sun

have you discovered fairy gardens?

Tiny in size yet large in character and heart.  Fairy gardens seem to be the latest craze in gardening in our area, probably in yours too. the sky is the limit and your imagination can truly go wild creating a fairy garden of your own.  several years ago my dear friend and former business partner, Linda gave me this awesome vintage bird bath.  Still having much of the old worn pink paint I've used it as a table, a plant stand for ferns and posies but this year transformed into a fairy garden on the hag patio at home.

 Of course there is a little fairy, a cobblestone street, a shell path, a tiny bottle in which wishes can be saved, a bridge, two darling chairs, a metal fence section, tiny flower pots, a little light on a shepperd's hook and one of my favorite things a wonderful glass cloche that sits amongst the plants.  it's truly the cutest thing ever. 
What makes it special is picking just the right little plants.  I've seen them done with low maintenance sedum but I chose small plants for scale and do give them the regular amount of water just like any other porch plant. 
I've sure enjoyed finding little additions for my fairy garden and were given several darling things for my birthday that have been added.  the wire plant included loves its spot in the garden and has had to have a few trims in its attempt to take too much room.

Sure, the garden centers and my favorite nurseries have all the necessary ingredients for your fairy garden including all the plants & rocks.  but I've enjoyed finding perfect little additions in antique and thrift shops.  yesterday,  a friend from vintage village gave me a darling little wood village that includes a few houses and wooden trees.  think i will seal those with poly spray and add to a corner of the garden.

Fun in the summer time... many of my days begin on the porch enjoying morning coffee, watching the fish (that have gotten really big) in my patio puddle and now a fairy garden.  a bird or two has landed there for closer inspection, even a darling hummingbird. 

If you were a fairy... I'd invite you to play in this hag's fairy garden.

♥ one vintage hag

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  1. I love those! But I am a notorious plant murderer... I am probably in the top ten on their most wanted list.