Thursday, May 28, 2009

Makes My Heart Smile Award

Makes My Heart Smile Award

My first blog award... I'm so excited.
Thank you Yvette for thinking of me.
So here are the rules for the award:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog (just right click on the image and copy, then paste to your blog post)
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3. Nominate 10 blogs
4. Put a link to their blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominee's

Blogs that make me SMILE~
  1. Theresa, a dealer from Kentucky that I miss terribly (Lakewood Antique Market) & stay in touch with through our blogs. She has great junque & always offers a heart smile... even, just opening her blog.
  2. Deb ~ has a wonderful new granddaughter to love ~ a preemie that makes me smile. Not to mention her creative post... hoping to meet her one day in my junk travels.
  3. 2 chippys... now they are a hoot. Of course, they make my heart smile. Mad talent they both posses. Head on over an meet Laurie & Lulu you will understand right away why they bring heart smiles.
  4. Dari who is getting married today in the Bahamas always makes me smile. Whether at the village or reading her post. Congrats Dari~! Hope your pretty painted toes hold up in the sand for your special day.
  5. Kris is another soul who shares the same loves I do. Looking through her Vintage Window always brings a heart smile.
  6. Jacque is Country with a French Twist... who wouldn't smile while reading her post. This blog friend always brings a fun smile.
  7. This amazing threesome makes my heart smile seeing the progress they make each day with their new shop. Now girls... get to posting on your new blog too.
  8. Kathy makes my heart smile whether shopping at the village or inspiring this little blog. Have you met this amazing lady? An instant treat with her caring & loving spirit.
  9. Mary Kay Andrews ~ if you haven't read her books they are a must for your next book store trip. Whether her books or her blog ~ an amazing author that I'm so glad I found. (pleasure to meet her at Lakewood 400 too ~ that sure made my heart smile...)
  10. So many choices... so little opportunity to recognize (with only 10) lets see... Janna is another crusty chippy lover (look chippy's) who I have to visit often. North Carolina where I was born... in a mall that I must visit... definitely makes my heart smile.

Of course, these are in no particular order ~ adore these gals, their talents amazing always....

Make My Heart Smile.

~one vintage hag


  1. Oh My Goodness!!! YOU got your 1st award, and you gave me my 1st award. How sweet!! I will sit down in a little bit and get to work on accepting mine and sharing the love. Thanks so much! You have more than made my heart smile, that's for sure. One day, I do hope to make it to your shop. Wishing you a WONDERFUL day!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats on your award and congrats to Miss Jacque too! Can't wait to visit the blogs you have nominated.

    hugs to you,

  3. Congratulations on your first award. You are very deserving and I see many more in your future. Thanks so much for recognizing me for this award. It is much appreciated and I'm happy knowing I make someone's heart smile.


  4. Just checking in to say hi!! I have been swamped with work this week, not to mention the sales at one of my booths were insane this week, gotta run get some furniture ready to go in the morning, Thanks for the award, hopefully I will have time to get it posted soon, Janna

  5. Hi OVH...sorry been out of town and Lauri's been tending to who mom WHO IS AWAKE!!!!
    Congrats on your first blog award. You are ONE VINTAGE JEWEL! and thank you so very much for nominating us! we're not worthy! :)
    ox lulu