Monday, June 1, 2009

This Hags Patio Pond

The Hag Pond
for my birthday back in April ~ Nannie gave me some money to be
used on something that I really wanted. With instruction to not use it for
bills (like all of us sometimes do) ~ I decided that since nothing has held
us back since downsizing a few years ago to our condo
that this hags patio needed a water garden of sorts.
Now, I might mention that simply water with plants was never what I intended.
So, online for hours to do some research for this contained pond
that would add a new dimension to our patio at home amongst all the flowers.
Once decided I set out for a Cattle Trough. Having to be deep
enough to withstand the hot & cold temperatures of our Georgia climate.
Once obtained...the pebbles, rocks, old planters that were my grandmothers were added for a place that the fish could hide from the heron or even cats in our area ~ the pump was added with all the necessary chlorine removing chemicals for plants & fish of course.
How fun is this...

Water plants ~ moss balls to help with the algae & even a sweet little green glass alligator.
All that was needed now were fish obviously & a few snails.
Over the course of a few weeks ~ everything needed was in place. Or, so I thought.
I began the arrangement of plants around this relaxing water spectacle.
Everything happy & thriving... feeding those cute little koi & goldfish began. I even gave them all names and begin talking to them when Sebastian and I were on the porch. He thinks that they are his fish... and does the curious checking on them anytime we head out to enjoy time on the patio. The Snails were doing their jobs inside eating all the algae ~
I even added a sweet little black tadpole (not a bullfrog one... I know they eat fish)
with thoughts of this frog eating the bugs that were sure to visit our patio this summer.

Everything was coming right along. Enjoyment, relaxation for sure.
In talking with Carla at the village (and, anyone else who listened about my new found
fun) ~ she mentioned having some large rocks I could have for placement around the outside to hide the black water trough. So, since these pictures were made I have
gotten several of those from her and it looks better that ever outside with plants & old concrete statues at every needed level.
At the height of my project... the algae began taking over. Everyday the past few weeks with our daily showers ~ the water became murky & green.
A trip to the pond store was a must.
What in the world was I doing wrong.....?
Well, guess what... I had several pond problems. You will get a big kick out of what I discovered on my visit with the "pond expert"... to sell more fish food those manufactures tell you to feed them daily. That isn't necessary. The box that contained the "all in one pond kit" ~ didn't have a big enough filter (that should be a lesson to never pay attention to whats on the outside of a box) to circulate the water & clean it as needed.
A few hours later with a new filter in hand ... new fish food instructions & some really pretty floating aquatic plants I was on my way home with everything I needed to give those darling fish the nutrients they need each day & to keep my water clean & circulating...
Nevermind the new check I wrote...
So, soaking wet as it had to rain again during the redo & a bit out of breath... those were all added... a water replacement which made me a nervous wreck was also done where I replaced 1/2 the water convinced that the next morning all the fish would be floating... (they weren't, thank goodness) I'm anxiously awaiting all the murky green water to be corrected which seems to take many days... so impatient I want it clear & clean, now.
Mr. Hag has gotten in on my new hobby of sorts... poor guy. We have redone the inside & outside which now has rocks & plants and even an vintage watering can that will all keep our water cool & those precious fish happy. Funny that they don't seem to mind the algae but I sure do. New pictures a must... but I know you really don't want to see the pond water in transformation. It really does look better each day.
Do you have a pond? Does it have fish? Do you know about Barley Straw?
Did you know fish don't need food each day like we do?
Sometime new to learn with every day.
Like either of us needed anything else to take care of... its been a work in progress.
If you pop in for a visit and I'm not posting... must be because I'm busy on the patio with this new pond. I see now why so many folks have them. It's sure fun ~ but has the added stresses to make sure all is well.
Determined to find enjoyment with this container that I've made a pond.
~one vintage hag


  1. Hag...once the pond "settles in"--you know, the water gets right, the fish get to feeling all at home, and the water is not so FRESH, you are gonna love it. We had one at our home in AR...we had fish that even lived thru the freezing winter. We learned alot from it. Never had any trouble out of cats or birds. Our grandkids loved watching the fish as much as we enjoyed watching THEM watch the fish. The only mistake we made was putting it too close to the crepe myrtles...the flowers were always falling in there and we would have more cleaning to do, but that is about the only downfall we had with it. ENJOY IT.

  2. Hag, I want to give you some Bahamaian coins to drop in for luck. Sea Witch

  3. Dear Hag, I have always wanted an inground pond, but was apprehensive about putting it together and maintaining it. I never thought about a trough... This has inspired me to visit the "water store" down the road to make some inquiries. As I live in a colder climate, I'm sure that I'll have a few more issues to deal with in the winter, but you've inspired me enogh to check this out. Thanks. :-)Sue

  4. sometimes it is those things that seem to be super easy...(on the box) that turn out to be the MOST work!
    I have several five gallon tanks of beta fish...and they are not as easy to keep as they say they are either!
    enjoy your pond...I am sure once you get it all settled and have a routine figured will be a relaxing spot to sit and watch!

  5. When I had a pond, my pnd expert said to never feed the fish, let them eat bugs and what not in the water and it worked very well.