Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tagged by Sue Sullivan & Murphy ~ 6 things about this hag that will help you get to know me.

Sue at Sullivan Murphy

(one of my favorite blogs, too)

tagged me for a little game where she asked me to share 6 things about myself that will help you get to know this ~one vintage hag
always up for something new to blog about... here goes.

1. Ethel~ not really ~ Lucy either for that matter. I'm very organized, can juggle many balls at once in the air we breath. I do get a bit frantic when I'm behind on any task ~ like to be ahead of the game in all aspects of my little hag life. Also like being on time ~ anywhere I go ~ makes me crazy to be late. Now, I'm not always that prompt with the checkbook balancing but that is about the only thing I procrastinate with.

2. I'm a Mother of three adorable children ~ Lindsey is 24 the only girl ~ the oldest child ~ and you already know this but will tell you once more that she is getting married July 11 of this year. She is the High School Spanish Teacher and a very motivated young lady I must say. I'm certainly honored to be her Mom. Then there's Clayton ~ he is 21 and is in the Army National Guard. He is the oldest boy ~ and works hard to achieve all he wishes for. I'm very proud of his service to our great nation. Last but certainly not least.. there's Sebastian. He is our four legged son and the youngest. We had to have something to take care of and he was added to our family when Clayton was ready to graduate from High School and leave our nest. I am the oldest child in my family ~ I have one younger sister.

3. I'm married to a blond (or very light brown) Italian Precious Man who is the best husband I could ever wish for. He is the best partner & friend that I could ever wish for. (That probably doesn't count since you already know that). Now speaking of hair colors ~ nope, the blond is not natural (although it once was) I chose to be that color instead of gray. Can you believe I told you that? I do have my hair professionally colored though. Scared of the box stuff... but now, I can't continue as that would be giving away many other things about myself.
4. Puddles & Fingerprints... I hate puddles on counters, desk, tables ~ anywhere except rain puddles. My children learned young... to use coasters. The dealers at the village know this too and they either use a paper towel or coaster for their drinks. Funny how the little stuff gets to us... right? Everyone has quirks this happens to be one of mine... you just may not have known this about me. Further... I hate fingerprints so that said Windex is a hot commodity for this hag. When we had all the glass cases in our first antique shop venue I would use Windex by the case to keep them clean.
5. Obsessions & Characteristics... now you probably already know what I'm going to say but why not... I'm obsessed with junque & the hunt for it ~ can't ever get enough junkin... I'm pretty obsessed with collections too. I'm obsessed with projects I attempt to be perfect, although they usually aren't perfection. Kinda of like this patio pond (finally it's clear to the bottom ~ yea!) I worry too much about stuff being right... just ask anyone who knows me. With one exception... I do take shortcuts in our closeout each day at the shop ~ after 15+ years in the business (paying dealers daily) I might skip a few steps but only with those things I find super comfortable. Now, I'm giving you more than 6 can you tell... I am very independent and can do for myself always.
6. I adore friends. To share with, to rejoice with, to surprise with little things, to comfort. Although it may not always seem like I have many friends... I really do. Cherish each with their individual personality's, quirks & talents. I'm grateful for each one. Now in retail... you have to love people otherwise you wouldn't do to well... so I'm as patient as possible most always.
7. One additional one to share... I'm so thankful for the bloggers I've met. I am just a relatively simple antique shop owner who enjoys sharing with others. I am thrilled to be apart of such a wonderful avenue for us all. I would encourage you to spend an afternoon creating a blog of your own if you haven't already. It's so rewarding. Otherwise, I would have never met Sue from Sullivan & Murphy. I have no idea with all her creativity in writing why she would visit this little blog so often... gracious that she does.
Hope that you learned a little about this hag... I'm not much, really. Just a very content Wife, Mother, confident shop co-owner that blogs. My name is Debbie if you were curious ~ just refer to myself more in this forum as a ~hag.
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Thank you Sue for such a sweet tag ~one vintage hag


  1. I think that was very honest and quite charming. I love back stories!

  2. and THAT is what makes you one "successful hag"...the Windex fetish makes me a little scared BUT not enough to chase me off!! LOL, thanks for sharing

  3. Debbie, you flatter me with your comments... I am so, so glad that you participated~ not only for my benefit, but for those who have been following you way longer than I have. Oh, and we are equally obsessed in many regards.... hugs, Sue