Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Patio ~ Complete... well, almost.

The Patio... Complete (well, almost...)
Thank you Carlique ~ Sweet Hubby & Flower Wower, too.
With some help from my dear friends Carlique, Flower Wower &
My darling hubby...
The Patio is complete... that is if the water
will ever clear. I've learned that is something that takes time... I'm so, impatient.

New stones from Carlique's back yard,
new filter (my darling hubby installed),
new suggestions from Flower Wower,
new plants floating in the pond & surrounding it...
I simply adore time spent outside on our patio, now.
A challenge its been... but I think we can now call it complete.
That is if the water will now do it's thing... and clear up.
This past week was devoted to getting it all rearranged. As promised
Carlique... with pictures of all you so graciously shared with this hag.
New perennials, new aquatic plants to cool the pond water & even
patio tomato's right beside the pond.
Flower Wower came to lunch... she was so impressed. Which made me feel great.
When I was reading up on the 2chippys with all their hydrangea's ~ I understand completely
how Lulu feels at home with her stunning plants. The only thing you won't find at this hags home is a darling rooster ~ like she has. I wish...
She will be pleased to know that hydrangea's are on my list for the next outing to my new
favorite nursery... Randy's.
Head on over and take a peak... plants, ponds & even a butterfly house.
Randy or Keith will be happy to help in anyway they can. They have wonderful ideas and superior knowledge to achieve whatever look you wish for. Don't forget your checkbook. I promise they have everything you could ever wish for planting or ponding.
Carlique sent me home with Iris, Sedum, Elephant Ear... gosh, it all looks
so healthy in its new great big pot next to the pond. We've enjoyed the creeping gardenias outside the fence... they have a heavenly scent.
Doesn't it look more inviting now?
Do you think I should add anything else...(hydrangea's are coming soon)?
When I'm not working at the village... attending Lindsey's wedding showers or finishing up her wishes for the big day (July 11)... junkin... or busy around our condo...
you will find me on this patio.
Did I tell you we have bird feeders for our feathered friends, too...
and yes, they do drink from the pond.
Wonder if they will be taking baths there this summer? Kinda cool... so long
as we don't attract the local heron.

Another patio favorite... the vintage pink birdbath ~a gift a few years
ago from my business partner & dear friend hag 2 ~ she purchased it from My Vintage Heart @ Vintage Village, of course.
I've removed the glass top this season ~ a home for this fabulous portulaca...
and sedum around the base... that was some from Carlique's.

This week I've chatted with several sweet customers at the village that
poke in to this little blog & others. Oh, do a blog for yourself.
You will love sharing... adore meeting new friends...
this time of year with everything in bloom it's hard to blog about anything else. As I mentioned many times this week, it's hard to come up with creative post to share but sometimes its the little things that mean the most.

So pleased with the new look of our patio.
So pleased to share it with you.
All I need now is the new book "Barefoot" I purchased yesterday at the village,
my glass of iced tea & I'll be set for many afternoons of enjoyment.
One final note... once this book is finished it should be time for Mary Kay Andrew's
new book to be out.... "The Fixer Upper" ~ Can't wait.
I'm spending all my spare time outdoors as you can tell... so much fun this summer.
~one vintage hag
coming tomorrow... a rundown of all the exciting new promotions this month at the village
& a few new photo's too. see you then~!


  1. Dearest Hag, As I cannot see too well on this teenie tiny mini laptop and am without reading glasses, please excuse typos... your trough pond looks fantastic. And reaping the benefits of gifts from generous friends is a plus! I would like to do one on our patio and this is an inspiration. Lots of reading and talking to someone knowledgeable will be the only way for me to do this, plus I can cheat a little and look at your pics... Waterfalls and creek beds are cool, but the expense is too great for this yard of mine. I have too many other projects INSIDE the house to finish! LOL So this outside venture would be manageable. Thanks for sharing and glad it is done~ get that water clear.... Sue

  2. Looks like the perfect place to just sit and relax. Be sure and check out the "Endless Summer" hydrangeas. They bloom all summer until the first frost. The heads do not dry as well, but fantastic colors and super easy.

  3. Oh my gosh.....your patio looks lovely. I always vary the heights of my pots, and usually use bricks, but I LOVE the stones. I'm going to copy that dandy idea. How beautiful.