Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Suprise package in today's mail ~ Bloggie Swag... for this ~hag

Appreciate every moment of every day
because in retrospect they will all be gone to fast.
With that quote on my blog when I logged in today~ I wanted to share the excitement
I had while working at the village today for a bit.
Our sweet mail lady came with our mail ~ there was a package included.
For this ~hag... oh, goodness I love surprises.
The return address ~ Need this Antiques.
Wow, that's Musings of a Sea Witch.
Wonder what she sent me? Then I realized, I can only peak. Bloggers take pictures of packages they receive ~ so, I did just that. Until I arrived home to unpack & photograph
each & every thing. I posted my pictures in reverse order of sorts... I'm so dang excited
with my surprise package ~ so, let me tell you all about it.
A big heavy flat rate box sent USPS Priority.

Once opening began, the little white guy got in on the act.
Guess he knew there had to be something inside he would want.
Sebastian is so curious about anything that comes home ~ he must sniff it out
and once his seal of approval is granted, it can stay home with us.
So far, a Piece of Cake recipe book & a nice letter inside.

Oh boy, a fabulous rose coffee table book. Look at these outstanding pictures.
I will spend hours inside studying ~ I love roses, don't you?

It has a fabulous cover. La Rose will be a treasure in this hag home.

An envelope with a note ~ Pretty Victorian Scraps and a gorgeous leaf.
I think that leaf will be my page marker in the wonderful book I received.
Oh, my... all these pretties.
What in the world did I do to deserve such a terrific surprise package?

If you know this hag ~ you know I live in flip flops. As soon as our weather
hints of warmth ahead, they are on my feet.
Royal Blue flip flops a new color for me ~ with a great flower atop.
Gosh, they are my size & everything. I love this package...

Sebastian was right ~ there was something inside for him.
A note with a bag of treats for him from, Kota. That's Dari's sweet pooch.
He loved his treats... they only lasted minutes.

Convinced there was something. How do our 4 legged children always know
when they should be be attentive. Sebastian however is always nosey.

The letter ~ Let me tell you what it said...
Dear Debbie:
One of the things I love about blogs is that it is a paradox of personal communication.
We are using the web to send out instant communication to friends, both old and new.
Fast and with pictures and thoughts and links to so many things generations back would never comprehend. And yet, from all of this, we have returned to snail mail to send out bloggie swag...little packages of treats, goodies and neat things to have. I mentioned to you early on that I had received something from as far away as New Zealand. A fellow spinner had sent me a small package of beautifully crimped lambs wool for spinning with silk. It was unexpected and that was the fun behind this. I never expected it and it arrived only because of her blog. I want to pass on that same kind of surprise to folks through my blog. About the only thing we receive in the mail nowadays are bills, advertisements and such. So, I am pleased to send to you my first box of bloggie swag. Why, because I have so enjoyed your blog and have made it the first thing I want to read in the morning. You have introduced me to so many creative people through this venue. New friends that I hope will become old ones as we share the things that we enjoy.
Inside you will find:
1. Wonderful coffee table book about roses. I remember you mentioning somewhere that you adore roses.
2. You can never have too many flip flops for the summer. I hope they fit. (exactly my thoughts on flip flops ~ and they fit perfectly).
3. An envelope containing Victorian scraps. She knows i will put to good use.
4. Every girl needs a 50's fun cookbook of recipes. Enjoy these.
5. Last but not least, a little gift pack for Sebastian from Kota.

Can you believe this? I'm a bit in shock ~ overwhelmed with her generosity.
This is the sweetest surprise package, made my day. Sebastian & I are both delighted with the contents of this USPS box from the Sea Witch.
Friends like Dari & Kota are amongst our most valued asset.
I know this Sea Witch well enough to know that she'd be delighted if I pass along this
bloggie swag. So, watch your mail. It won't be the package I received but a similar one picked just for you. If I can't win giveaways (still waiting on my first) ~ then I would like to pass along these surprise packages full of treats, goodies & neat things to have
to blog friends like each of you.
Ms. (soon to be Mrs.) Sea Witch ~ Need This Antiques ~
I count it a privilege to have you as my friend. Both on and off our blogs.
I appreciate your generosity and will treasure my goodies from you in hopes that
some of your talent will jump off into my lap.
Thank you so much for my surprise Bloggie Swag. Your friendship, my dearest treat.
Hugs.... ~one vintage hag


  1. Very nice things!Im a new follower.Your page is lovely.I saw your name on tracys blog.I love the title of your nic and blog.LOL.I had to visit.I will return after my blog break in a bit.

  2. I love your scripture tag too by the way.

  3. Yes, pass it along, pay it forward, send it out via snail mail. I think this is one of the niftest things we can do with our blogger friends. Sort of a tag your it with bloggie swag. Sea Witch

  4. Is there anything better than getting something in the mailbox besides bills? What a lovely surprize for you AND Sebastian! The doggie treats was a thoughtful gift and such a nice touch.