Saturday, May 16, 2009

Showers Showers Showers ~ aren't weddings great~! Happy Birthday Sea Witch

So, as not to forget a very special birthday mixed in with all these Wedding Showers I'm attending ~ a Very Happy Birthday to The Sea Witch.
Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dari (that's the sea witch) does so much for vintage village & the shack out back
with her keen photography, web design & maintenance for our shop websites.
Blogger (something she started recently, yippee)
She is a talented dealer of the village ~ remember, I've told you about her very descriptive sales tags... love those & all the vintage wares she adds to the her spot.
Guess I could sum her up well by just saying ~ this multifaceted wonderful charming
lady is a keeper.
So very glad that she is my friend.
Happiest of Birthdays Sea Witch
hoping that the years ahead bring all your wishes.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in the Bahamas, too.
Head on over to her blog and wish her a happy day tomorrow...

Isn't this a great picture.
Yes, from another Lindsey & Steven Wedding Shower.
Hosted by her Maid of Honor, Amanda (who is also getting married in October of this year).
A couples shower that I received pictures of today.
Loved this one so I had to share.
(Left to right ~back to front) ~ Kayleigh (Stevens brother Drew's, girlfriend) , Kristen (Lindsey's cousin Tylers girlfriend), Lacy (she is a maid in Lindsey's upcoming wedding~ they grew up together and have brothers born the same day, same year ~ what a cutie) Jessie (Steven's sister ~ she is a wedding attendant as well ~ she'll be on Steven's side at the wedding) Lindsey (my precious daughter, the bride) Amanda (in pink ~ she and Lindsey also grew up together... friends for years, each with a special place in their
upcoming weddings...Maid & Matron of Honor)
In front red dress... Holly (also a maid ~ she and Lindsey attended
Young Harris college together, had loads of college fun).
Clear as mud... hope so. I have trouble keeping up with it all too.
That isn't even all ~ you will meet Megan (another maid) and the remainder of
the wedding party in a post for another day. Shew...
Tomorrow, yes you guessed it ~ another shower. This time with family/friends
for Pampered Chef. Can't wait to taste all those delicious recipes that will be prepared.
Weddings... busy fun filled times. So that's me... the brides Mom.
Once we get beyond this weekend... perhaps I will have time to spend on other post that
have nothing to do with the wedding.
Gosh... so much fun.
~one vintage hag


  1. Lindsey is blessed to have so many friends! Sounds like she is really gettting alot of GOOD STUFF at her wedding showers. I LOVE Pampered Chef...Everything she gets today will be things that will last her a lifetime--and that is not just the gifts, that is the love of friends and family and their caring enought to help her enjoy this GIANT step in her life. She will cherish that more than any gift! Have a great day!

  2. Blog birthday wishes are the best. Thank you for your shoutout. I am so blessed to be given so many wonderful friends, old and new. This blog community is a wonder each and every day with talented and good people sharing much of themselves, their lives and friendships. Thanks one vintage hag.

  3. I am so glad that you are having a wonderful time my dear friend!!! Life is so good at the age that we have achieved and I never thought Life would be this good!