Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day post dedicated to my precious children

So, it’s Mother’s Day.
A time to remember those maternal role models we have the privilege to call Mom.
A time to remember the children I have the privilege to nurture.

Now, I’ve told you plenty about my Mom “Nannie” ~ her name came to light when Lindsey (my daughter, her first grand child) was born. Planned during that memorable pregnancy ~ the first grandchild would call my parents ~ Maternal Grandparents ~ Gran & Nan.

As often is the case ~ sure… Nan began with an extra syllable ~”nie” ~ and so it was, Nan would be Nannie. Now, Gran was even more of a challenge as G’s are always easy for toddlers. So, his name was just “Can” ~ for a while. Then it happened ~ we met those Maternal Grandparents for dinner on evening. I suppose that this darling little girl had been listened for many months ~ Nannie called “can” ~ Butch. Just a term of affection my parents called each other ~ my whole life. Were there names Butch? – certainly not. They were Oren & Donna. Guess it’s like David & I ~ we call each other Baby. So, back to my story… we were already seated with this precious little sweetness and through the door of the restaurant walked Nannie & “Can” ~ you know what’s coming don’t you? Across the restaurant that was completely packed with those already enjoying their meal ~ Lindsey screamed to the top of her lungs… “Bitch”. You guessed it right; “u” is another remarkably hard letter for a young child.

Over the years we have laughed at that story ~ well, it’s been about 24 years to be exact. From that moment forward, Lindsey wrapped whatever part of those heartstrings still loose, in an instant. She was forever the “adorable one” ~ called that for as long as my Dad was living. The other special grandchildren, three more ~ joined our family and each one a bit unique~ yet all the same. Loved by their dear family. So, this post dedicated to my Special Wonderful Mother ~ and to, the two precious children
that gave me the honor ~
of being their Mom.

Let me begin with Nannie ~ the most incredible little lady I know. She is smart, tough, compassionate, loving, a listener, gracious & a terrific example. She is constant, faithful, dependent, warm, a friend. She is a bible believing, nurturing, truthful & sincere. She is a hard act to follow. If I could have made myself into my kind of Mom , I’m sure that the way would have been paved a lot easier for the two blessing bestowed on me. I wouldn’t take anything in the whole world for the loving care that my special Mom always gives. She’s just my downright hero. No matter the day, the situation, the hardship, the celebrations ~ she’s there to lend a hand, a smile, strength, advice, joy and even tears.

Then, I can share with you what really matters when I celebrate a day like today ~
Mother’s Day.
When all is said and done ~ Love is all that really matters.
Love of God, Love of Spouse, Love of Children, Love of life. Who really needs anything other than love? When I think about my Mother telling me about the love of a child ~ I thought… sure, I guess. Well, it’s all incredibly true. That special bond only a Mother understands. A privilege I hope never to take for granted.

I was blessed with two amazing children. Two special spots stamped forever in my heart. I count it a joy to have had the opportunities to love them, nurture them, rejoice with them, live through heartbreak with them. To watch them grow, to watch them learn, watch them make their way. Those are the joys of being a Mother. A hug, a shoulder & a love to return on their journeys through life.

If you are the Mother of small children ~ I’d like to give you a glimpse into what you have to look forward to. In yesterdays post there was a list of images of a Mother ~ having a 24 and 21 year old child, I’m in this category “she might know a little bit”. They think I know a little bit ~ when actually, about these precious children of mine, I know a lot.

I know that we have been together no matter what in some pretty rotten circumstances.
I know that even in their most unhappy moments ~ they know I love them, and they love me.
I know that they will always have a place beside their Mom, they are forever in my heart, remember.
I know their both; responsible, intelligent, independent, compassionate, dependable, faithful, giving, loving & thankful.
I know they have a fantastic work ethic & have a love of learning.
I know that they love life and appreciate those things great & small.
I know that they are both God fearing.

If I had wished any other attributes in the blessing of these two precious children
other than those listed above. Then I was wrong.
I’m mighty proud of their grown up years.

Lindsey a high school Spanish teacher who owns her own home at 24. She will marry in July, honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Then begin work on her Masters degree.

She gave me a fabulous collage last year for Mother's Day ~ Here are just a a few of the things she had to say in that treasure.

Why I am so glad that you are my Mom… a reason for each year of my life. I selected just a few that I you will enjoy ~

you are a big nerd!!!!!!

you have a tremendous amount of patience

you make the best mousse tarts

you are always there to wipe away my tears

you always make me laugh

You always want Clayton & I to dream & do better than you

You are always proud of me

Your creativity, imagination and originality

The way you can always take the smallest amount of space and cram 50,000 things into it Receiving gifts and treats “just because”

I admire you for doing something you always to to do opening up vintage village and taking a huge risk

For all you do, there is not any mother as marvelous as you

Many Children have gone further than they thought they could ~ Because a parent knew they could.

Children are the sum of what Mothers contribute to their lives.

Clayton~ a college student, currently taking classes with Ashford University in Iowa. A member of the Army National Guard. He is proud to serve this great nation. He will leave for Basic Training & AIT sometime after his sisters wedding, for 22 to 24 weeks…

Clayton wrote a paper for his final required about himself, ask if he could send it to David's email for proof reading ~ I wondered why he didn't ask me to proof read it. He had left it up on our computer ~ about himself, his childhood & his Mom.
Here just a few sentences he included.

My life has been one that is almost like a roller coaster. There have been crazy ups, downs, twists and turns. I have been through things that have shaped me to make me into the man that I am today. All the events that have happened in my life have made me stronger, they have shaped me to be a man of character, and have put a fight inside of me to never give up. When I was three years old, my dad just walked out on my mom, sister and I. He packed up all his stuff and just left us. I cannot even imagine what it is like for my mom to raise children all by herself. I remember as I was growing up my Mom always sacrificed the things that she would want so that my Sister and I could have what we wanted. I felt that everything I had learned and acquired was from watching my Mom give one hundred and twenty percent to her children. I can remember was my mom worked as hard as she could and gave my sister and I all that she had so that we could be playing sports, succeeding in school, whatever it took to make my sister and I happy, my mom was willing to do! Throughout my life it has been a crazy adventure, it has had some amazing rewards. My Mom is one of the most courageous and amazing women I know. She gives all of herself to people and expects absolutely nothing in return. She has married a man that loves her with all of his heart and is the best Dad I could ask for when really he doesn’t have to be.

Honored to be their Mom ~ awed in all they have become.
Anxious, as most Mothers are at times. Impressed by what they know.
I look forward to enjoying the coming years with the both of them.
~one vintage hag


  1. Lovely blog!God Bless you and your kids.Your kids are about my girls ages.It went fast didnt it,LOL.Now, I guess, is the test, to see what we have done with them has worked.You and I both can sigh a sigh of relief I think.LOL.Happy Mothers day to you!

  2. Lovely post and what a wonderful family.
    Happy Mother's Day (a few days late)