Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Terrariums ~ Chicks & a Blog Sale to share.

This mornings post ~ Terrariums, Chicks & a Blog Sale to Share.
I shared with you about lunch at Rachel's ~ my friend with the stunning gardens ~
Nannie and I had a remarkable time that day. Does this happen to you, too? You enjoy time with friends in their lovely homes and ideas rush into your head. I always take something away in my memory ~ that I would like to try in our home. Forgot to take a picture of Rachel's terrarium (it's huge and wonderful) She said her Sweet Mom always had a terrarium growing up ~ so, she did too.
I ask Rachel for the secret ingredients that made hers so fabulous.

You see, last year for my birthday ~ My Vintage Heart gave me the jar above with a
gorgeous assortment of plants, dirt, rocks & a charming little white ceramic rose inside.
She gave me instructions ~ and in spite of trying to do everything right, mine got moldy and died. Actually, it was probably all my fault for not removing the lid occasionally.
I kept my terrific glass jar with hopes of another terrarium some day.

Never received the instructions from Rachel ~ I figured she was just really busy.
Then she delivered a box to the village of plants ~ taken from her terrarium to share with me. The aguga I commented on with the super long bloom is now in my newly created
masterpiece. See, My Vintage Heart ~ I loved that gift, was heartbroken when it died ~ so another best shot with my lovely glass jar. It looks amazing.

Moss, a cute fern, the aguga, hosta ~ dirt of course, pebbles & a darling glass frog I got
from Lt at the village. All I need to add is a little charcoal. To keep the mold away.
How pretty is this? I love having a terrarium once again.
A new centerpiece for my breakfast room table.
Thank you Susan for the terrific jar & Thank you Rachel for the inspiration, instruction & sharing your lovely plants.

A new idea. Everything in bloom outside ~
why not make a pretty terrarium for yourself inside?
I will surely enjoy this one.

Crafty Chicks Card Night ~ happened last night in the home of Carli~que.
Her precious home ~ her outstanding gardens ~ her to die for collections.
Her delicious meal and neat crafty projects were the hi~lite of our evening.
Everywhere I looked ~ eye candy. She has a vintage alarm clock collection like I do.
I love having this group of amazing chicks to gather with each month ~ share ideas, create some really cute cards & gifts. Last night my favorite project a chick card for Nannie's ~Mothers Day. It's the best. Once I assemble her goodie basket I'll take a picture to share.
I think you'll be impressed. These talented chicks come up with the best projects.
Thank goodness this time, no origami boxes ~
that was a very difficult project in her home last time.
Needless to say ~ my box didn't come together very well.
Last but certainly not least today ~ a Blog Sale to share with you.
Go on over and do some shopping with Gypsy Mermaid.
"Most of ya'll know I lost my home and belongs in Hurricane Ike these things I am selling today are things special to me and it is hard to give them up but I am not working(due to the hurricane I lost my job and we moved and now I am looking for a job)and this is my way of putting my 2 cents in so hubby doesn't feel like he is having it all depending on him! So please help this mermaid chick out and shop shop SHOP!! hehe"
I found her sale yesterday. The Sea Witch shared it on her lovely blog. Really great
things combined into numbered lots. Available with very cheap prices. Just drop this mermaid an email with the numbers you like ~ she'll ship to you & you can pay via paypal.
A lover of bargains ~ of course I purchased several lots. They will be shipped to me today.
just one example above ~ # 11 ~ $4each- Boxes filled with all kind of goodies( I had already packaged them before I got to take pics of the stuff inside let me know if you want
to see just pick a box!)
Go shopping ~ Gypsy Mermaid has many lots still available for purchase. I can't wait to get my selections in the mail.
Terrariums, Chicks & Blog Sale ~ adore them all... ~one vintage hag


  1. Love the terrarium! What a fun chick night!Sounds like so much fun! Off to check gypsymermaidlife!

  2. Thanks "one vintage hag" for passing on the blog sale to other bloggers. I know Gypsy Mermaid appreciates your purchases. Sea Witch

  3. Love the terrarium,I cant remember when I last saw one of those.maybe grade school,LOL.Id like to get a book on them thanks for sharing this!